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How Jack Became Black by The Elephant's Child

This goes well with the Heather MacDonald post. We have long considered Race to be both a big deal and in some way defining, but if you give it a little serious thought, it is our bureaucracies at all levels that demand that we give race importance in places where it shouldn’t matter.  When my health insurance demanded to know what my race was, I got my back up, and refused. The bureaucracies demand to know, because they have to put it down on a list which will go on to higher levels of bureaucracy until it reaches the level where some senator can use the statistic in a speech.

This is a trailer for a film about which I know nothing more than this trailer. May be preachy and obnoxious, or may be good, but I thought the trailer was interesting. Do we add Elizabeth Warren to the discussion?

Heather MacDonald on “The Diversity Delusion” by The Elephant's Child

Heather MacDonald spoke a couple of weeks ago at Hillsdale’s Washington DC outpost, about diversity, based on the research done for her new book The Diversity Delusion.  If you wonder why every college now seems to have a Diversity Office, as well as large groups of “snowflakes” and frequently gets into the news for some protest or riot, and is so sensitive that hearing something with which they disagree gives them major cases of the vapors, Heather explains. Her speeches have been protested, yet she speaks in favor of the police, the dismantling of what she properly calls “the diversity delusion.”

At a time when race seems to matter less and less, we talk about it more and more. We have a long and unfortunate history of assuming that race matters, and officialdom still wants to know just what our race is, even in situations where it does not and should not matter. It’s because we are run by a bureaucracy that wants to protect itself by keeping track.  It’s a very interesting speech, and eye-opening about the dysfunction on our college campuses. And yes, if you have kids now in college or soon to be, you need to be informed. Heather MacDonald always does her homework. She searches out the data and verifies it, and what she says can be taken to the bank.

The Tea Parties — An Angry Mob of Racists? by The Elephant's Child
April 19, 2010, 6:52 pm
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Someone in some back room of the progressive political establishment thought that accusing the Tea Party movement of being racist, homophobic, and so on, and so on, all the usual smears, would be successful in demolishing the movement. Amid reports and videos of peaceful gatherings of people who were having a good time protesting, the accusations just weren’t working.   So they sent infiltrators with racist, homophobic, Nazi, and Klan signs to join the crowd and wave their signs whenever they saw a camera. That’s not working either.

It is becoming obvious that liberals just don’t tolerate disagreement. They are unprepared for honest debate, unprepared to consider the merits of other opinions, and in general just want the opposition to shut up. What an odd turn of events, when liberals control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The men who created the Constitution expected and wanted vigorous debate, and that has been our tradition. One must conclude that liberals are unprepared to honestly defend their ideas. Or defend their spending.

But then they don’t much like the Constitution either.

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