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Bachman’s Fruit Sparrow by The Elephant's Child
June 6, 2021, 11:58 pm
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Named by John James Audubon after a friend who supplied him with specimens.

Audubon discovered 25 bird species in North America, but studied the skulls of dead Mexican soldiers after the Battle of San Jacinto, and therefore must certainly not be honored in any way.

Racism is, of course, the biggest deal. If we are going to be a good country and a good people, we must remove all signs of racism. So, of course, first they went for the statues. Any leftover officers from the Confederate military needed to be torn down at once. Then they went for the military. There were military bases all over the country named for outstanding generals on both sides of the Civil War. No Confederate generals were to be remembered. They were on the wrong side. Should I mention in passing, that the Civil War ended 156 years ago? Aside from base names like Fort Bragg (named for Confederate General Braxton Bragg) which is the current home for airborne and special forces, there are bases and airfields, training camps, that have names of past generals. Nope. No matter how outstanding they might have been, the fact that they were on the wrong side condemns them. New name needed. We must stamp out the slightest evidence of anyone that fought for the Confederacy.

But here’s where the whole thing veers into comedy. The Wallace’s fruit dove was named after a British naturalist, explorer and anthropologist who is credited along with Charles Darwin of coming up with the theory of evolution through natural selection. His writings, however are filled with references to the “N” word. He must be condemned for the sin of thinking like most people at the time. Whites at the time went about the task of cataloging and naming the natural world like ordinary people of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

So there you go. A bird named after someone whose writings once contained the “N” word certainly has to have it’s name changed. The Bachman’s Fruit sparrow was named by Audubon after a friend who supplied him with specimens People are claiming injury from hearing the name of a bird. People need to get a little more sleep and take a couple of aspirin, perhaps. There are some important problems in the world that need a solution. This is not one of them.

The Ruling Class, Hard at Work. by The Elephant's Child
January 15, 2021, 9:36 pm
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What a mess the Ruling Class is getting us all into. Democrats, who have loathed President Donald Trump ever since he defeated Hillary, and probably before that, are trying to impeach him again and again, so he will never come back to haunt them. Hillary was going to be their first woman president. Democrats attach great importance to “firsts”, I don’t know why. She would have been a dreadful president. Compulsive liar, drinks too much, killed all her people in Benghazi. Other than that…

So they had a big impeachment vote, except the horrible charges they were impeaching him for were all phony. Trump invited his supporters to come to DC and march down Pennsylvania Avenue with him to protest the stolen election. The riots and invasion of the Capitol Building were apparently spawned on Twitter and Facebook by unidentified groups looking to cause trouble. Trump didn’t say anything to encourage a Capitol invasion, but encouraged peaceful good behavior. The timeline also does not fit. Some had already broken in to the Capitol building before Trump spoke.

The Democrats have tried to attach racism to the Capitol breach, but there was no racism involved whatsoever. “Racism” is just the current “badness” to be attached to anything or anyone out of favor. You can’t have people urging Joe Biden to continue Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” and at the same time try to accuse Trump or racism. Doesn’t work. The Opportunity Zones worked and put lots of unemployed blacks to work. Charter schools, fiercely opposed by teachers’ unions, have meant greater achievement for black kids, in many cases bringing them up to the level of wealthy neighborhoods.

Democrats are very big on racism and gender currently. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a big deal of eliminating gender designations from the formal actions of the House of Representatives. Not going to have language that includes words that are exclusively feminine, particularly when Joe Biden is pushing for gender-neutral bathrooms in our nation’s schools. I suspect a lot of mothers would have some ideas about that.

But Nancy Pelosi apparently forgot her gender designation elimination when she got up to impeach President Trump once again. She said, (and this is not an exact quote) ” I come before you as a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter”, as she pointed out that her father had once served in the house. I just thought it was funny.

Way too much trying to make everything about racial prejudice, eliminating anything associated with the South, including Abraham Lincoln and military bases named after Confederate generals. You cannot change the past to fit today’s approved notions. We don’t have to refight the Civil War. A Confederate flag is a historical remnant of that time and not a call for a new battle. History is what happened in the past. Can’t change it now. Hopefully, we will regard history correctly as a record of what happened in the past, become familiar with it and learn from it.

Don’t Judge Blacks Differently! by The Elephant's Child
May 6, 2015, 10:12 pm
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From Praeger University:

Is Chris Matthews a Racist? by The Elephant's Child

Chris Matthews has managed to make news in the last few days, by being grateful for Hurricane Sandy because it would help Obama’s election chances. He did apologize partly, by insisting that he wasn’t talking about all the damage, just about the opportunity it gave to Obama to appear presidential. That improves anything?

Mr. Matthews is a prime exemplar of one who has slipped over from politics as the search for good government, to politics as religion, or politics as a belief system. We also found him on Tuesday night during MSNBC’s election coverage, predicting that President Obama would lose the South because of Mitt Romney’s racially charged campaign, and he wasn’t sure that Virginia was Southern enough to swing Romney’s way:

I’ve watched the appeals made by people on the Republican side –- the right-wing side, in some cases -– people like, sort of, screwball people making comments about race. I really think you’re going to see at the end of the night, when we look at the popular vote, when we look at how it’s broken out by region, the president will do well in the Northeast, the Midwest and the West. He’s going to do very poorly in the South among white voters.

According to Matthews, white voters in the South aren’t voting against Obama because of the bad job he has done over the last four years, but because they, like all Republicans — are racists.

May I say that I’m getting a little tired of this. If a racist is defined as someone who is obsessed by race, then Chris Matthews is the biggest racist around. Democrats have such a dreadful history with race, that they have a lot to overcome, and thus have considered race to be the greatest problem in the country. Mr. Matthews apparently believes that race is the sole reason to vote for Barack Obama to be  president and the only reason he should be reelected.

I believe that Barack Obama has been an extremely bad president, and that he didn’t deserve to be reelected because of his record of spending, his failures with the economy, his excessive regulation, his record on foreign policy, his record on ObamaCare, his record on energy, and his record on promoting useless “alternative energy.  As far as I can determine, his race has had nothing to do with any of these policies. To the contrary, his policies have been far more harmful to blacks and Hispanics than to anyone else.

The end point of racism is not minority dominance, it is not reparations.  It is, and can be only indifference. That’s what Martin Luther King was talking about, except that he referred to “the content of their character.” Exactly. But to their race, the color of their skin, their ethnic heritage — indifference. Don’t care.

Because Democrats care so much about race, they gerrymander voting districts to be sure that black candidates have majority-black districts. Why is that necessary? It was a whole bunch of white people that elected Barack Obama in the first place.

In the South of the slavery days, white women wore bonnets, long sleeves and gloves in 100° weather, and carried parasols to protect themselves from the sun and keep their skin white and unfreckled. Today, they toast in the sun, go to tanning salons, and buy tons of tanning cremes to darken their skin. When is the last time you heard someone get a compliment on their beautiful white skin?

“Hispanic” is not a race, nor is “Latina”, both terms refer to the use of the Spanish language, except for Brazilians who speak Portuguese. People from the Caribbean islands may be black, but speak French. Far more African slaves were transported to the Sugar Islands than to America, and far more went to South America.

“Asian” is not a race either. There are lots of countries of vastly different ethnicities that compose the Asian designation that have nothing in common with each other, and in many cases detest each other.

I am troubled each year by the political division of people into voting blocks. An enormous amount of trouble flows from those divisions, much of it from the media. We will all continue to notice obvious physical racial designations, but I have quit filling out government forms asking me to designate my race. I’m apparently not alone, as there is now a blank for “refuses to designate.”

I find it fascinating that Democrats are so deeply involved in issues of race, but refuse to recognize that our most essential rights are derived from the simple fact that we are human beings endowed with the only rights that can be guaranteed, by our Creator.


Chris Matthews to Michael Steele: how come Republican Blacks are integrated? Why don’t you segregate them like the Democrat Party? by American Elephant

[updated to embed video]

Seriously! Being a half-wit, he, of course, doesn’t realize that’s what he’s saying, but it’s precisely what he says nonetheless. Is the man’s mouth attached to his brain? Is his brain attached to anything? He goes to a Democrat convention, sees blacks and whites segregated into racial groups and sees the realization of MLK’s dream; he goes to the Republican convention and sees blacks and whites mixed together, interacting , integrated and he sees racism.

I will grant that Matthews is quick — hyperactive really — he’s the fastest interrupter this side of the Atlantic and his mouth moves a mile a minute. The problem is that it isn’t connected to anything — at least not to anything that works. Transcript:

I go to the Republican convention; I go to the Democrat; and as a white guy, one of the things I notice about the difference — one thing I notice about black people at different conventions — you go to the Democrat convention — black folk are hanging together having a good time; they’re all smiling and enjoying themselves — they feel very much at home. You go to Republican, you get the feeling you are all told individually “now don’t bunch up, don’t get together, don’t get together, don’t crowd or you’ll scare these people. Is that true in the Republican Party? Is that still true in your party? Did you fear that if you get together with some other African Americans that white guys might get scared of you?

…isn’t there still a difference between the two parties on race?

Yes! Chris, there is! Republicans are still the party of integration; Democrats are still the party of segregation. The Republican party has always been the party that treats black people as equals, and the Democrat party has always been the party, and remains the party to this day, that treats blacks (and other minorities) as inferiors, first as slaves, then as untouchables, now as helpless victims who need special rules, a thumb on the scales, and the helping-hand of  enlightened, benevolent, white “progressives”to get ahead. A philosophy, I might add, that has been devastating to the black community. Yes, Chris, Republicans are still the party that judges people by the content of their character while Democrats forever judge people by the color of their skin.

And that Steele couldn’t smack that condescending slimy spitball of a smear out of the park is about as concise an explanation as any why he is no longer Chairman of the GOP.

(h/t HotAir)

Jon Stewart’s White-Youth Rally by American Elephant

White liberals, like those at the all-white MSNBC,  have been desperately attempting for months to smear the Tea Party as “racist” despite the fact that many Tea Party leaders, speakers, participants and Tea Party backed candidates are themselves minorities. Indeed, the propagandists at MSNBC even went so far as to claim that a man protesting Obamacare carrying a rifle over his shoulder and a handgun holstered on his hip was evidence of the racist nature of those who oppose the Obama agenda, while cropping the man’s head and hands out of the shot so their misinformed audience could not see that the armed Obama protester was a BLACK man.

So it is with particularly schadenfreudistic glee that I report not only how monochromatically WHITE the audience was at Jon Stewart’s White-Hipster-Youth Rally, but that in addition to being much less diverse than Glenn Beck’s rally, this great “progressive” show of force, was only a small fraction of the size of Beck’s rally. Considering how much they loathe Beck, and how desperately they were hoping to show him up — that’s really gotta sting.


Now, to be fair, there were at least a handful of minorities at the rally. Perhaps even a dozen or so. If you look very carefully at the Continue reading

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