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Not Intentionally anti-Semitic ? by The Elephant's Child


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi carefully announced today that Representative Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn) recent claim that her pro-Israel colleagues are motivated by  “dual loyalty” to the U.S . and Israel was not “intentionally anti-Semitic.”

Well, of course it was. Ilhan Omar is an observant Muslim. Her customary head covering is an indication, and the religion is deeply in opposition to Israel. That is not something new. It is very unlikely that she will change her beliefs. Might be a good idea to assign her to some other committee than Foreign Affairs where she will continue to do damage to the illusion that our good friends and allies in Israel will not  be continually offended by anti-Semitic remarks and votes in the U.S. Congress.

Democrats of the Jewish faith will continue to be offended. Maybe some will even choose to leave the party, one might hope. We could talk about beliefs and manners and prejudice, or not. Probably no one will change their minds about much of anything. We’ve just had an example of anti-Catholic prejudice in the case of a judiciary appointment. Freedom of Religion is a Constitutional guarantee. If you harbor deep prejudices, keep it to yourself or try to get over it, or just try to avoid situations where you will offend others. We re not much on prejudice here, though one would have a hard time pushing that idea in the face of all the daily cries of “racism.”

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