American Elephants

This is Elphaba. Friday Morning Cuteness! by The Elephant's Child

Good Morning!  This is Elphaba, a baby Aye-aye who was born November 29 at the Duke Lemur Center. She is one of the many baby animals featured at Zoo Borns, a website that features all sorts of animals being raised in the world’s zoos to save endangered species.

Aye-ayes are considered one of the most unusual primates. It is nocturnal, lives in tropical rainforest, and has a very specialized diet, consisting mostly of the interior of Ramy nuts, nectar from the Traveller’s Palm tree and some fungi and insect grubs.  They are known to raid coconut plantations and have been seen eating lychees and mangoes.

This is a great website to visit, especially after a bad meeting. Who can resist cute baby animals, and has pages and pages of cuteness. In addition to the baby wolves and lions and gorillas, all sorts of animals that I had never heard of. Have you ever seen a baby forest buffalo? Or a baby Bongo? Be careful though, you can get lost in the pictures and spend hours.



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