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The Overexcitable American Media Gets Over-Excited! by The Elephant's Child

The big story of the day concerns an article in Rolling Stone by a freelance reporter who was given access to General Stanley McChrystal and his staff in Afghanistan.  President Obama is furious (he said so) and General McChrystal is flying back to Washington, resignation probably in hand for a confrontation with the president.

The Telegraph, UK points out that:

There isn’t very much in the Rolling Stone article requiring an apology from General McChrystal, the man in charge in Afghanistan who has been summoned to the White House.  If he does resign, it should not be because of perceived slurs against the White House. They’re not there. …

Basically, the general – or “THE RUNAWAY GENERAL” as he is hysterically referred to – has been the victim of journalist hype. It is the magazine’s editors that call the White House “wimps”, and it is the author that uses almost every f-word in the piece, gratuitously, gratingly, and not while quoting anyone. The only f-word used by someone else is a Brit saying how much some people love McChrystal’s habit of showing up on patrol.

The very excitable press is burning up airwaves and internet with speculation on whether General McChrystal should be fired or not.  It is interesting to get the take from Britain, as the U.S. media speaks pretty much with one voice.  The callers to talk radio are all over the map — apparently none of them have seen the article, but knowledgeable based on something or other — and range from wanting McChrystal before a firing squad, to those who point out that McChrystal didn’t say much.  He has apologized, but a careful reading of the Rolling Stone article will show that the Telegraph got it pretty much right.

Glen Reynolds, Instapundit, put it succinctly:

Under a Republican president, it’s “Listen to the Generals.”  Under a Democratic President, it’s about “civilian control of the military.”

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