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First May Day March in Moscow Since the Soviet Union Fell by The Elephant's Child




Seems like I wrote too soon. These are scenes from today’s May Day March in Moscow, the first time since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Communist Party is still around, and at least one person still honors Joseph Stalin.

Vladimir Putin is good at propaganda, and he has roused the Russian people with national pride. They consider the Ukraine as a Russian province. We may have “won” the Cold War, but it was a humiliation for Russia. Putin wants to restore Russian pride and Russian power. Has the president given any indication that he understands that?

We are having a May Day march in Seattle, which seems to be about illegal immigrants who don’t want to be deported. Except there are also the usual bunch of anarchists who are angry about everything in particular and hope to be able to smash some windows to show how angry they are. And there is a bunch of native Americans in strange colored headdresses. Some stores are boarded-up as a precaution. Lots of police on bicycles and horses.The radio says “for Workers and Immigrants Rights.” The word “illegal” is not any more allowed than “recovery” or “jihad.”

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