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It’s International Laugh at San Francisco Day! by The Elephant's Child

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today an absolute moratorium on official city travel to Arizona. The ban on travel takes effect immediately, well, except for law enforcement officials investigating a crime, officials said. And they’re not quite sure what to do about planned trips.  But they really want to emphasize how indignant they are.

The move comes in the wake of Arizona’s new immigration law. Surely a wave of crime on the border, a recent murder of a long time Arizona rancher on his own land, drug wars, smuggling, and constant incursions of illegals is just no reason to ask people, stopped for some other reason, to show some identification. The fact that the federal government has invested most of their border control effort on California’s short border with Mexico, and when the border patrol attempts to do their job in Arizona, the Interior Department is standing in their way, has nothing to do with anything.

There are also online boycott campaigns calling for everything from a boycott of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team to a boycott of the Grand Canyon.  (The average tourist visit to the Grand Canyon only lasts for 20 minutes).  There was talk of banning Arizona Iced Tea, but it seems that is bottled and manufactured in New York.

Supervisor David Campos and the City Attorney Dennis Herrera have called for a boycott of Arizona businesses.  If the Board of Supervisors’ resolution passes, Herrera will try to identify any contracts with Arizona companies that could legally be terminated.

Well, asking someone for identification is certainly an immensely discriminatory step.  I haven’t done any traveling lately, so I only have to show my driver’s license when I write a check or use a credit card.  I’ve been very careful not to exceed the speed limit as well.

To emphasize the urgent nature of the potential boycott, the mayor today convened a taskforce that includes representatives from the City Attorney’s Office, Controller, City Purchasing Office and his Chief of Staff  to look at a “smart and effective” targeted boycott, Newsom’s spokesman said.  Well, big boycotts do distract attention from a $483 million budget hole.

Arizona’s law, carefully constructed by constitutional scholars to conform to federal immigration law, is a direct result of long federal inaction, and federal failure to enforce current immigration law.  Seventy percent of Arizona voters support the tough new law, and a majority of citizens of Latino heritage do as well.

Victor Davis Hanson, who lives in an area heavily impacted by illegal immigration and legal immigration, and who has Mexican-American family members, deconstructs the outrage in a post at National Review that is very worth your time (it’s short) to help understand the problems and the politics.

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