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Hard Work, Opportunity, Perseverance or Just Luck? by The Elephant's Child

A year and a half ago, California voters passed Proposition 47, also known as the “Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act.” How could anybody vote against that? Silly, why do you think they give propositions names like that?  What it effectively did was to decriminalize a bunch of crimes, including shoplifting.

What do you suppose would happen if you decriminalize shoplifting? For normal people it’s fairly obvious, but for Democrats it is puzzling. They believe that crime is the fault of society, bad parents, lack of a good education, poverty, drugs, or lack of opportunity, not the fault of the victim who stole something that did not belong to him.

So what happened to shoplifting in the absence of punishment? It more than doubled. It has made the struggle of small businessmen to survive far, far more difficult. Anything valued at less than $950 keeps the crime a misdemeanor, which means the criminals won’t be pursued and there will be no punishment. Some shoplifters carried calculators to total up the stuff they had grabbed to avoid re aching the $950 barrier. The ballot measure also lowered the penalties for forgery, fraud, petty theft and drug possession. You might get a ticket. It’s a slap on the wrist the first time, the second time and the 20th time.

Proposition 47 was backed by George Soros money. Newt Gingrich wrote an editorial in support of it.

It is time to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on locking up low-level offenders. Proposition 47 on the November ballot will do this by changing six nonviolent, petty offenses from felony punishments (which now can carry prison time) to misdemeanor punishments and local accountability.

The left’s interesting relationship with crime continues. President Obama told graduates at the historically black Howard University that they are living in an era of unprecedented opportunity, but he was speaking to the inequities blacks face. He excused crime at one point as a result of an “unfair and unjust system” and said that success is all just”luck.” He went on to claim that crime was a result ot the system, not the actions of criminals.

That’s a pet peeve of mine — people who have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky. That God may have blessed them; it wuddn’t nothin’ you did. So don’t have an attitude.”

This line invokes his “you didn’t build that” gaffe from 2012 when Obama insisted that people with a successful business “didn’t build that” on their own and that government was really the catalyst for success.

The President’s commencement message is essentially that if you are black in the U.S. and you are successful, it was just luck and most blacks are held down by an “unfair and unjust” system that won’t allow them to succeed

What an odd point of view and what  a troubling speech to graduates. If you are not responsible for your own success or failure—but it’s all just luck, then you don’t have to take responsibility for much of anything, and nobody can blame you for anything.  Explains a lot.

Does that point of view effect the whole Democrat Party? California’s Prop. 47 goes right along with their Sanctuary City policies, and the decline of San Francisco into a remarkably dirty city. I can remember when if ladies wanted to go to “the city” to shop or attend an event, they wore hats and gloves. But that was a long time ago, and San Francisco was a different place.

A Bargain On Subways: 1.7 Miles for Only $1.6 Billion. by The Elephant's Child
August 24, 2011, 9:02 pm
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Whenever I get completely exasperated by the actions of my government, or my city council or county council, I always think — it could be worse, and look to see what they’ve been up to in San Francisco.

In 2003, then Mayor Willie Brown sold a half-cent sales tax hike to the voters in order to pay for a 1.7 mile subway line which he claimed would ease congestion on the crowded buses in Chinatown.  He was more interested in getting the political support of the power brokers in Chinatown.   In 2003, the city estimated that the line would cost about $647 million.  Unsurprisingly, or should I say “unexpectedly,” the latest cost projection is $1.6 billion, or almost $100 million for each tenth of a mile.

Transportation experts say that improving existing bus and light rail service would make more sense and the subway design is seriously flawed.  Commuters will have to descend eight stories underground to get on, the subway misses connections with most of the light rail and bus lines that it crosses and there’s no direct connection to either the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) or to the ferry.  After riders go only a half mile, they would have to walk another quarter of a mile to connect to the Market Street light rail lines. Taking the bus would be five to 10 minutes faster.

The Obama administration likes the plan.

Other than those minor problems, the city’s metro system is already running a $150 million deficit.  But San Francisco has applied for a multiyear $942 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration.  The administration likes anything that gets people out of cars.

Transportation Secretary Ray La Hood said that people tell him they want to get out of their cars and enjoy clean, green green neighborhoods.  Uh huh. Everywhere I go, the people are babbling about clean green something or other.  Don’t you find everyone you know is repeating Obama’s buzz words?

Time Travel by American Elephant
March 3, 2010, 2:43 am
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Grab the kids and travel back over 100 years with this rare footage from a streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1905, a year before the great earthquake and subsequent fire.

I love that there were apparently no traffic laws! Reminds me of our returning soldiers accounts of what traffic is like in Iraq. (Actually, bike messengers in SF still observe no traffic laws to this day.)

For comparison here is the same trip taken 100 years later in 2005:

This is exactly the same route I would take to work everyday when I lived in San Francisco, straight down Market to the Embarcadero, although I traveled it underground on MUNI.

The song in the first video is La Femme D’argent by Air, the second is Sa Trincha by Sergio. Pretty good for electronica.

(h/t AoS)

More Differences Between Republicans and Democrats. by The Elephant's Child
July 9, 2009, 9:02 pm
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Democrats think you are dumb.  Or at least a lot dumber than they are.  They think you are too unintelligent to get along in the world without their guidance and care.  They are so sure that you need their expertise that they are developing a vast catalogue of rules and regulations to control your lives.

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg (yes I know he is temporarily a Republican, but he is a liberal through and through) has banned smoking and transfats, and is now waging war against the demon salt. (There is no evidence that transfats are bad for you).

The United States Congress is interested in telling the nation’s schools what they can and cannot serve  in school cafeterias.  If they have their way, the U.S. Agriculture Department would be given the authority to regulate all food sold in schools, including in vending machines — when Congress renews their child nutrition programs. You can lead a child to a tofu hot dog, but you can’t make him eat it.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (candidate for governor) has banned spending any money to buy bottled water and mandated composting citywide.  Now he has issued an executive directive that gives city departments six months to conduct an audit of unused land — empty lots, rooftops, windowsills and median strips — that could be turned into community gardens or farms that could grow food for residents. Citizens could work the farms or purchase the fresh produce.

And effective at once, city workers may no longer make runs to the donut shop before meetings and conferences. A new ordinance will mandate that food served in city jails, hospitals, homeless shelters and community centers must be healthy.

Guidelines will include cutting bagels into halves or quarters so people can take smaller portions, and serving vegetables instead of potato chips.

As one wag commented, he thought most San Franciscans were already doing a lot of farming, but it was going on in closets with grow lights.  Can you imagine the lead content of the veggies grown on median strips?

Republicans believe that you are perfectly capable of running your own life without guidance from city mayors or busybodies in Congress.  They believe that you can probably decide what you want your children to eat as well.

Mayor Newsom’s administration provided directives for “healthy” and “sustainable”.  (Could we please drop that bologna word?)

  • Safe and healthy: No pesticides, high nutritional value.
  • Culturally acceptable: Chinese veggies for the Chinese, multicultural and religiously acceptable veggies for SF’s diverse population.
  • Sustainable: At last, a definition — use manure, not chemical fertilizer.  Yep, manure.  That’s appropriate.

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