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The New Defense for Criminal Activity: We Did It To Save the Planet! by The Elephant's Child

Five people were arrested back in September 2014 for blocking railroad tracks at a Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Railway Yard after tying themselves to a tripod of poles erected over the railroad tracks to protest train shipments of oil and coal and proposed export terminals in the Northwest.

Three trains were delayed and others were diverted  around the2024445698-300x0 blocked tracks. No railroad property was damaged.

Two women and three men refused to leave the over eight hour protest were taken to the Snohomish County Jail, just up the road a ways, and were expected to be charged with trespassing.

Railroad police arrived after the protest started about 6 a.m. and asked the protester to leave. Eight left peacefully at noon. The five locked with cables to the tripod refused. A woman was perched on top about 20′ up  and others were locked to the 3 legs.

The Rising Tide protesters say fossil-fuel shipments are dangerous and environmental concerns aren’t being given enough weight.

“All the people in the blockade have brought concerns in many other avenues,” spokeswoman Delaney Piper said. “We feel we have used political venues, advocacy — all of those tools — and this is the tool most necessary right now, because the situation is so dire that direct action is necessary.”

Last Friday, Left Coast Jurors found the so-called Delta 5 not guilty of obstruction for blockading a regional oil facility in 2014. For the first time in the United States, a jury heard testimony that defendants’ criminal actions were justified by “climate necessity.” Oh please! The phony  possibility of “saving the planet” trumps criminal activity? Only on the Left Coast!

The Snohomish County District Court Judge barred the jury from actually considering the “necessity” defense.  But the jurors acquitted on the obstruction charge and convicted on trespassing. The Green loonies will appeal that conviction as well as the judge’s denial of their defense.

Big Oil is hated by the Greens because of CO2, a benign gas that is necessary for life, and a natural fertilizer for plants that has been greening the planet. It is not a pollutant, but as high school biology should have taught the Delta 5, is necessary for photosynthesis, where plants take in carbon dioxide, use the carbon and exhale oxygen, which we all breathe.

When the Dreams Turn to Dust — What Then? by The Elephant's Child

President Obama came into office trailing a wispy cloud of green dreams — ” the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow  and our planet began to heal.” The line that Santa Barbara wanted to paint across the city to indicate how much of the city would be underwater has proved to be completely unnecessary, and the planet is just fine.  Obama had big ideas of sick things that he was going to fix, you know— the crumbling schools, the crumbling bridges, the crumbling  highways, the crumbling infrastructure.  Intent on being the savior of the planet, he saved nothing except government jobs, which don’t count since we have to pay for them.

If the planet is dying because of people’s SUVs, then all you have to do is get rid of the carbon that is causing the planet to warm alarmingly.  Governments, particularly the wealthy ones, thought that looked like a good deal.  They could support free sources of energy like wind and solar, enact taxes on carbon to bring in lots of money — what’s not to like?

It turned out that if you design a wind turbine for a wind speed of 34 mph, they are useless at wind speeds below 22 mph, and extremely dangerous at 44 mph. Wind may be free, but it is not cooperative. It blows in puffs and wafts and gales and more. It needs a full-time backup for the times when it is not blowing at 34 mph.  The backup is going to be a coal-fired or natural gas fired power plant, a carbon based plant. It also requires a subsidy of about $23.37 per Mwh, Wind may be free, but all the other stuff required to turn it into electricity and send the electricity onto the grid is definitely not free.

If wind is intermittent, solar energy is diffuse. The sun goes down at night, and clouds are a problem. Solar energy  requires a $24.34 subsidy, and without government support, simply goes out of business. Those nasty carbon-based fuels like coal get a subsidy of 44¢ and natural gas gets 25¢,  Can you say c-o-s-t   e-f-f-e-c-t-i-v-e ?

The driving force has been the idea that there is a consensus among scientists that global warming is about to warm the planet alarmingly. But there was no consensus. The planet has been cooling since 1980 — and the only place it seems to be warming is in the computer programs that the IPCC uses for its reports. Even NASA Scientist James Hansen, the father of the green global warming movement admits that the climate skeptics are winning the battle.

And it turns out that the amount of carbon in the atmosphere — is only about 380 parts per million, that is .038% or 38/1000 of 1% — but water vapor is responsible for about 95% of the greenhouse effect, and CO2 is responsible for maybe 3.5%.  Of that 3.5% about 3.5% is human caused, so human contribution to the greenhouse effect is .1225%, and world governments thought that required their interference, and they were going to fix it by buying a lot of windmills. Didn’t work. Not going to work, but it’s a lot easier to go along with the enthusiasm of nice people with their hands out than to do the hard work of studying up and looking at the experience of others.

There is no evidence that we can control climate, and a lot of evidence that we must adapt. To adapt, we need a lot of abundant, reasonably priced energy.  Obama’s solar panels, according to one estimate, will take 110 years to pay for themselves. As wind and solar efforts have been proving themselves futile, the administration has been shutting down as much of the abundant reasonably priced energy as they can in the delusion that if they force people into expensive wind and solar, eventually they’ll learn to like it. Those delusions have led them to treat taxpayer money as play money and assume that they can pick winners out of the vast array of losers asking for funding.

The game is up, the sponsored companies have failed or are failing, or need more subsidy. The green jobs have been a myth. The expenditures have been exorbitant. The pattern of failure keeps growing. The American Jobs Bill has failed because they could not round up enough votes from Democrats in the Senate. Which makes Obama’s plan of blaming Republicans for its defeat somewhat less convincing.  The dreams have turned into a scandal, growing worse as more facts leak out.

Obama’s out of ideas.


A few billion here, a few billion there, and the first thing you know, you’re talking real money. by The Elephant's Child
November 13, 2008, 8:08 pm
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The idea that human beings have changed and are changing the basic climate system of the Earth through their industrial activities and burning of fossil fuels — the essence of the Greens’ theory of global warming — has about as much basis in science as Marxism and Freudianism.  Global warming, like Marxism, is a political theory of actions, demanding compliance with its rules.

Marxism, Freudianism, global warming.  These are proof — of which history offers so many examples — that people can be suckers on a grand scale.  To their fanatical followers they are a substitute for religion.  Global warming, in particular, is a creed, a faith, a dogma that has little to do with science.  If people are in need of religion, why don’t they first turn to the genuine article?
—  Paul Johnson

I post often about the problem of global warming — which is not that the seas will rise and the poles will melt and drought ensue — but that we respond to the alarmist’s false doctrine by altering our government to deal with a nonexistent problem, diverting time and funds that are needed elsewhere.

The British are discovering just how much the EU’s new package of climate change measures will impact — by about 73 billion euro ($93 billion) per year by 2020, or £600 ($890) per year per family of four in the UK.  That would get your attention. A EU directive designed to limit pollution and associated acid rain will see nine UK power plants close by 2015.  Four nuclear power stations will also shut. But there is nothing to replace them.

Thirty one experts quizzed by the BBC in a survey fear not enough stations are being built.  Thirteen said there is an unacceptable risk of blackouts in the next ten years, and seven warned of problems in just five years.  Labor and the Tories are arguing and having studies, consulting experts and not doing much of anything.  The EU seems to be backing off from their mandates as they begin to grasp the financial side of their fantasies of saving the planet.

California, already in financial trouble, plans to shift to a 33% requirement for renewable power by 2020.  It is part, they proclaimed, of California’s “clean energy future.”  As a result, the state must start asking how they will achieve 33% renewable energy.

The California Public Utility Commission says it will require an infrastructure build-out on a scale and timeline perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the world. It will cost at least $60 billion between 2010 and 2020 to meet the goal.

Roger Helmer MEP, points out that wind farms in the English East Midlands are “gesture politics”, a lovely term for political overreaching. It is all like being trapped in an Alice in Wonderland culture. Politicians will save us from fantasy problems with fantasy solutions while steadfastly ignoring the very real problems that they are causing.  How do we stop them?  How do we wake them up?

The American people know better.  They voted decisively against these solutions that were on the ballot. Californians defeated three measures.  Polls say that Americans don’t believe in anthropogenic global warming.  Perhaps there is more to the story than appears on the surface.  Could that be?

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