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CNN’s Jim Acosta Decides To Be Helpful ! by The Elephant's Child


Jim Acosta, CNN’s White House Correspondent, was in McAllen, Texas today with the President’s party, there to meet with Border Patrol people and get a look at the border. Usually preferring to lecture the President rather than report the news, Acosta today made an effort (unwittingly) to be helpful. There’s a video linked at Breitbart

I found some steel slats down on the border. But I don’t see anything resembling a national emergency situation.. at least not in the McAllen TX area of the border where Trump will be today.

Terminology makes all the difference. A Wall is bad, Must be demonized, “Immoral”, evil, not who we Americans are, no $5 billion, not one cent, etc, etc, etc. Steel slats, on the other hand, you can see right through, and they are not forbidding at all. All is peaceful in McAllen. Why would they need a wall? Why do we enjoy it so much when Leftys make fools of themselves? I think it’s called shadenfreude:

pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune. synonyms:
delight · pleasure · happiness · joy · joyfulness · gladness · elation · euphoria · exhilaration · cheerfulness · amusement · mirth · mirthfulness · merriment · joviality · jollity ·
Hee hee.

ADDENDUM: Jim Acosta undoubtedly has the safest job at CNN right now. If they fired him for making the president look good, they would be admitting that they are, as an organization, attempting to destroy the president on a daily basis, and they can’t admit that.

Just a Little More Schadenfreude, by The Elephant's Child

(h/t: Tom Lifson @American Thinker)


OMG! I Can’t Believe I Did This, and It’s 48 Point Type! by The Elephant's Child

Everyone who has ever worked in advertising or journalism fears making a mistake in print, especially in a major headline or even worse— on a billboard. But despite competent proofreaders, it still happens. Freakonomics has a wonderful collection. Some are so profoundly stupid that you cannot believe that a proofreader didn’t notice, but there you are. We are fallible humans.


This is one of the milder mistakes. The rest are here. Careers have been ruined, proofreaders have been fired or demoted. Stupidity has been displayed in really big black type for everyone to see.  Enjoy.

MSM Deathwatch by American Elephant
April 25, 2009, 4:18 pm
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The New York Times is now $1.26 billion in the hole.

MSM Deathwatch by American Elephant

Hearst plans to close or sell the San Francisco Chronicle, while Rupert Murdoch is reportedly contemplating buying the NYT. (Liberal’s heads exploding in 3…2…1…)

Heh heh heh.

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