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In the “Office of the President-elect”, Oddities Abound. by The Elephant's Child

The Office of the President-elect  has announced that his first efforts when he takes office will be to undo many of George W. Bush’s executive orders and replace them with his own.  This seems to me to be an unusually classless announcement, for someone who claimed that he would bring unity to Washington.

Most important, it seems, is to block any drilling on lands in Utah where new oil leases were approved by the Department of Interior.  Following close behind is allowing federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research.

There are some strange things going on here that seem puzzling. Apparently, Obama believes all the rude things he said about the Bush administration during the campaign.  Bush Derangement Syndrome lives.  My guess is that Liberals believe that — the evil Bush, because of his fundamentalist religion, and his antipathy to science, has prevented all the wonderful cures that might come from exploiting the promise of embryonic stem cell treatments — or something like that. They seem not to have noticed that adult stem cells are delivering on all that promise.

Embryonic stem cells, as I understand it, have monumental problems with rejection and with turning rapidly into cancer cells, problems that may not be able to be overcome.  Venture capital funds are not readily available because there are so many problems and so little proof of potential.  Adult stem cells are taken from the patient’s own body, so there is no problem with rejection.  They can be teased into becoming pluripotent, that is adapting to any cell in the body.  Scientists have been working with adult stem cells for decades and have had many, many successes.  Embryonic stem cells have not yet been used for even one therapy.

The astonishing advances that have helped to restore bladder and muscle control to patients with paralysis, heart patients that have been helped, hope for people with Parkinson’s, remission for patients with multiple sclerosis are not of interest to liberals.  They believe that only religious extremism stands in the way of vast advances with stem cell treatment.  And they are sure that as soon as embryonic stem-cell treatment is funded by the taxpayers there will be help for patients with paralysis, help for heart patients , hope for people with Parkinson’s and remission for patients with multiple sclerosis.  Oh, do I repeat myself? They do not care that we are well under way for finding cures for these conditions, or they don’t know, or it’s just the “wrong” cure.

Isn’t this odd? Never mind the bird in the hand, go for the one in the bush — quick, quick, before he gets away.

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