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Tragedy in Canada: A Runaway Train Derailed and Exploded: by The Elephant's Child


A runaway train carrying 73 cars of crude oil derailed and four cars under pressure exploded sending a huge fireball into the sky over Lac-M├ęganatic, Quebec about 1:00 am last night. It destroyed much of the center of the 6.000 resident town. The train was apparently parked while the engineer waited for his replacement. Flames have been too hot for rescuers to get closer or determine the extent of the damage. More of the tanker cars may be under pressure and liable to explode.

It is not known if anyone was killed or injured in the blast. There are sixty missing and scores feared dead, but no one knows who was home or just away. At least thirty buildings were destroyed, including shops, homes and the library and newspaper office. About 250 residents have taken shelter in a Red Cross center set up in the town’s high school.

Some crude oil has spilled into the lake and the Chaudiere River, but the extent of the spill is not yet known. What a horror to wake in the middle of the night with your town exploding. Plumes of smoke can be seen from 10 km away. Our thoughts are with the stricken townspeople. More here.

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