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Making Headlines Is Not Always A Good Thing by The Elephant's Child

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How utterly embarrassing, when your city government makes the national news, and becomes an object of ridicule. Portland and Seattle are setting bad examples for the rest of the country.  On Sunday, thousands of Seattleites turned out to “Defend the Police” in the face of the rabidly leftist majority on the city council’s efforts to defund the police. Today, Chief Carmen Best, a 28 year veteran of the Seattle Police Force and the first Black woman chief of police in the nation, resigned in the face of lack of support.

Other communities across the country that have “defunded” the police are seeing mass retirements, and major increases in crime. New York City is another example. Mayor de Blasio cut back on policing, and New York City has had a surge in shootings and other violent crime in the middle of the Covid crisis, according to the Wall Street Journal. Newt Gingrich said “crime skyrockets as Mayor de Blasio sides with criminals against cops.” Shootings are twice the rate of last year, 821 incidents of gunfire, and 1000 victims so far this year. It’s hard when you have to be on the right side of Black Lives Matter so you won’t be criticized, and discover that the police really did matter and that good policing is what kept violent crime down. Fear of being called “racist” has clearly been a powerful motivation.

There are, and certainly will be consequences. People will look for safer places to live and do business. Police will resign if they do not have the support of the community. Police are resigning or taking early retirement all over the country right now. And there will be consequences. An increase in crime means the job of being a policeman becomes more dangerous. So you want a new and inexperienced force? The sheer stupidity boggles the mind.

Elections are coming up this fall. Hopefully voters will take a hard look at 2020 so far and decide what is working, and what is not. Promises to be an interesting year. Americans may have to learn the hard way just why the police are there, and what they do for the people and the community they serve so courageously.

ADDENDUM: I forgot to mention that the Seattle City Council in it’s wisdom has also laid off 100 policemen. We’ll see what the consequences of that turn out to be.

Just Another Normal Day in Seattle by The Elephant's Child

I think I read that they changed the name of the Seattle Autonomous six blocks from CHAZ to CHOP, but I’m not sure of that one. It continues being autonomous. On Flag Day, yesterday, some stalwart individuals tried to march through with American Flags, perhaps reminding them just what country this is, but they took the flags away (violently).

This part of the country has a fairly long history of being a bit weird.  Postmaster General James A. Farley had a famous toast “to the forty-seven states and the soviet of Washington”. Seattle has a long reputation for radicalism. Recommended reading: Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915. There was a smattering of that again in the sixties, I believe. Perhaps it’s something in the water. Breaks out now and then.

There was a Seattle General Strike in February 1919, and 350,000 shipyard workers in the Seattle shipyard stopped work after not getting their post WW1 pay increase. A big Wobblies Protest (Workers of the World Union) also known as the Everett Massacre (2 men were killed and 16-20 wounded). The Kent State Shootings in May of 1970, The WTO Protests in 1999 40,000 demonstrated in the city, much vandalism, Occupy Seattle: September/October 2011, a reform aimed at big banks, and questions about the legality of protesters sleeping in public spaces. So perhaps it really is something in the water.

Paul Joseph Watson did a most enjoyable video on “Cultural Revolution“, and the Autonomous Zone currently on Capitol Hill. For those unfamiliar with the Seattle area, it is a city famously built on seven hills, and they plowed some of them down to create space for a city. Do watch the video if you have some fascination with strange societal outbreaks. It might be helpful when one breaks out in your peaceful town.

We’re getting a lot of national attention as this is assumed to be just an extension of Black Lives Matter, but apparently it is just normal life here in the Northwest.  I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and find this strange and fascinating.

In Scotland, BLM protesters defaced the statue of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, Scotland’s legendary King. In Britain, as many statues were torn down or defaced, the Statue of Winston Churchill was put in a tall box to protect it.

The proper adjective to describe Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin and Governor Jay Inslee, I decided, is feckless.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! by American Elephant
December 18, 2008, 9:38 pm
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About eight inches of fluffy, white global-warming here on the ground in Seattle. More snow than we’ve had since I was a child, earlier in the year than normal, and already a longer sub-freezing spell than we almost ever get. Naturally, liberals are claiming its more evidence of “climate change”. Do they honestly expect the weather to remain constant?

But it sure is beautiful. White Christmases are very rare around here, our norm is cold, gray, drizzly Christmasses. Hopefully it will stick around long enough. *fingers crossed*.

Although, it does make getting around difficult. Seattlites are horrible drivers to begin with, mind you. They not only cannot drive in the snow, but they cant drive in any other weather either — rain, wind — even sunshine seems to addle their brains. Serve up anything other than dreary overcast skies, and Seattle drivers lose complete control of their faculties, not to mention what little driving ability they possessed. But when it snows! Oy! People will abandon their cars, in the middle of the road no less, in two inches of snow. We now have eight. There are accidents everywhere, cars abandoned willy-nilly. It truly is pathetic.

And so, even those of us who can drive in snow try to avoid the roads for fear of what someone else may do. Fortunately, much remains to be done to get ready for Christmas.

“Global Warming” My Big, Fat, Frozen Butt! by American Elephant

It’s the middle of April and it’s snowing in Seattle. Seattle is known for rain, not snow — and for good reason. I’ve lived here since I was a toddler and we never get more than a few sporadic inches, and never past early January.

It’s April for crying out loud!!! I’m cold! Would everyone please run their car engines, turn on all the lights, and perhaps burn some oily rags in the fireplace?! This “global warming” crap is taking far too long!

Oh, what’s that you say? The globe hasn’t warmed in ten years and this past year has been the coldest on record since 1900? The polar ice caps are growing and the computer models that are the basis for all the global warming alarmism have been proven to be junk that can’t predict today let alone the future?

Then could someone tell me why we’re even talking about so-called “global warming” anymore? And while you’re at it, could you pass me a blanket?

Update: In the interest of full disclosure, the above photograph is not Seattle (it may or may not be the cascades), nor, as I have been reminded, is my butt big and fat. I claim artistic license!

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