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Democrats Fail the Religious Test by The Elephant's Child

Senator Dianne Feinstein made an unforgivable Constitutional error during the confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Judicial nominee to the 7th Circuit — Amy Coney Barret who was appearing before the committee. Feinstein insinuated an anti Catholic stereotype that goes back at least 150 years in this country—that Catholics are unable to separate church and state because they place their religious allegiances before their oath to the Constitution. A number of her Democratic colleagues insinuated that her Catholic faith would prevent her from applying the law freely and fairly.

The No Religious Test Clause of the Constitution is a clause in Article VI, Section 3. By its plain terms, no federal office holder or employee can be required to adhere to or accept any particular religion or doctrine as a prerequisite to holding a federal office or a federal government job. It comes right after the clause that requires all federal and state officers to take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution. (including Senators)

Salazar Shuts 100 Year-Old Oyster Farm. by The Elephant's Child


There they go again. Pandering to the environmental activists. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is using junk science,  to shut down the last operating oyster cannery in California.  The Drakes Bay Oyster Company has been in business for over one hundred years, but the Interior Department has decided that the fourth generation family business was harming harbor seal pups and native plants, and wanted to return the coastal region in Marin County to its natural state.

The National Park Service purchased the land that housed the oyster operation in 1972, and the owner managed to reserve a right to continue it oyster operations through November 30, 2012. So another 30 people hit the unemployment rolls.

Many environmental organizations are headquartered in California, and the Sierra Club is one of the biggest, the most radical and the wealthiest. The Environmental activists always want nationalDrakes Bay Oysters parks enlarged, more land put into government control, and removed from either private or public use. Their interest is in returning all land to wilderness, cutting back on population, and putting it all in high rise cities, so the rest of the land can remain pristine. The business was popular and enjoyed strong community support, and million went into its protracted fight with the government.

Secretary of the Interior Salazar said “I’ve taken this matter very seriously. We’ve undertaken a robust public process to review the matter from all sides, and I have personally visited the park to meet with the company and members of the community, After careful consideration of the applicable law and policy, I have directed the National Park Service to allow the permit for the Drakes Ba Oyster Company to expire at the end of its current term and to return the Drakes Estero to the state of wilderness that Congress designated for it in 1967. I believe it is the right decision for Point Reyes National Seashore and for future generations who will enjoy this treasured landscape.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has accused Salazar of using junk science to close the last oyster fishery in California. “The National Park Service”s review process has been flawed from the beginning with misleading science which was also used in the Environmental Impact Statement.”

So there you go. Small historic business versus the Department of the Interior, The National Park Service, the Sierra Club, and probably lots of other environmentalist pressure. I love wilderness, and our National Parks but the Park Service cannot adequately care for the parks we have. The environmentalists have other agendas. And I’ve been to Point Reyes.

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