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“Downtown Scottie Brown” Sinks One From Half-Court by The Elephant's Child

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) stopped by the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, and made an amazing half-court shot. Brought back his college basketball nickname: “Downtown Scottie Brown.”

Democrats are trying to convince Massachusetts voters that Mr. Brown is the out-of-touch elitist in the race. “Scott Brown is actually a millionaire pretending to be an ‘everyman’ while attacking [his opponent] Elizabeth Warren for her success,” the spokesman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee claimed in a press release last week. Once again Democrats are out making charges without doing their homework. Tax returns released by the candidates indicate that the opposite is the case.

In 2009, Mr. Brown reported a household income of $294,000 while Ms. Warren reported a household income of $980,000. In 2010 Mr. Brown’s income skyrocketed to $840,000 — thanks to a book advance for his biography Against All Odds. Ms. Warren reported $950,000 that year.

Like many other members of “the 1%” Ms. Warren has  spoken out about the rich not paying enough in taxes. In Massachusetts the wealthy can voluntarily pay a higher state income tax rate, but she didn’t volunteer to give more, nor did she give much to charity. Mr. Brown gave a larger percentage of his income to charity. If you’re going to make charges, better check the facts to avoid embarrassing yourself.

If Democrats are going to try to get brownie points for insisting that the rich pay more in taxes, they are apparently demanding that the government force everyone to pay more, but are not going to put their money where their respective mouths are.

Pretty cool shot though.


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