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Obama’s Medicare Plan: Seniors Pay More. Lots More. by The Elephant's Child

It always seemed to me that the fact that the clever people who wrote the execrable bill for ObamaCare had no intention of ever participating in it themselves — was never emphasized enough. It really tells you everything you need to know.

The Obama campaign has tried hard to suggest that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will somehow deprive senior citizens of their Medicare. They are actually trying hard to find a way to make good care available to all seniors that need it. The Obama administration, on the other hand, has something else up their sleeves. Over the next five years, current law as amended by the PPACA (ObamaCare) guarantees higher costs for today’s seniors. And they already took $716 billion out of Medicare to prop up the health care bill — that’s  a $716 billion cut in reimbursement to providers, and if you can’t find a doctor, that’s why.


You Want to Be Careful When You Start Messing With the Old Folks. by The Elephant's Child
October 15, 2009, 6:14 pm
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The old folks are not happy. Democrats have been working since January to find a way to adopt government-run health care that does not bankrupt the economy.  Their solutions all depend on spending less money on Medicare. $500 billion less is the most often mentioned sum.

They propose dropping Medicare Advantage plans, which many seniors really like.  They propose cutting payments to heart specialists and cancer doctors.  They suggest that when the old folks get sick, they simply cost too much, and the money is better spent on young healthy adults.  Democrats  plan to tax medical devices like wheelchairs, stents, dialysis machines, pacemakers — that sort of thing.

The old folks are, understandably, opposed to ObamaCare. They had the idea that the purpose of health care was to care for those who get sick, not to lavish health care on those who do not need it.  Everybody dies, but the government is not entitled to rush us into it.

There is, however, one very interesting thing about older Americans.  They vote.  They vote reliably and consistently.  President Obama has noticed.  He called on Congress yesterday to approve $250 payments to 50 million seniors who will not be receiving a cost-of-living increase in their Social Security payments this year or next year.

So you can call it a bribe, or you can call it a second Stimulus Bill.  The money— $ 13 billion — will simply increase the national debt a little more, and won’t create a single job.

You really want to be careful when you start messing with the old folks.

(h/t: wattsupwiththat)

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