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Nancy Pelosi: “There Is Not Going to Be Any Wall Money!” by The Elephant's Child

Nancy Pelosi announced that the “bipartisan committee” looking for a solution to the border crisis was essentially null and void because she was going to see to it that there was no funding for a wall. Always nice to observe the cooperative efforts of our government in action to solve the enormous problems our country faces. particularly when a new “caravan” is now on its way north, numbering over a thousand. The migrants are coached to get across the border any way they can, and immediately turn themselves over to the Border Patrol, requesting asylum. Because of our lax immigration laws, those requesting asylum have to be granted a court hearing. They are given a court date and released into the country with instructions to turn up for their court date. Few turn up. They disappear into the population and are never seen again unless they commit a crime, and are caught.

The wives of Border Patrol officers have invited Speaker Pelosi down to Texas to see the border and understand the problems and dangers faced by their husbands. They’ve offered their husbands for security protection, and themselves to conduct a tour. Texas Ranchers have offered to pay Pelosi’s way to come and see their problems, which are quite real. They are not farmers, but ranchers who run cattle. People are not doing their basic homework, including Nancy Pelosi, who doesn’t know what she is talking about, and is trying to prevent President Trump from getting any kind of win.

The border is roughly 2,000 miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Some areas are not approachable, many have just low fences, or posts to keep trucks and cars from crossing., and there are lots of areas where fences can be scaled easily, or tunneled under. “Technology”sounds good, but what kind of technology is a mystery. Little drones that squirt tear gas? Border Patrol officers and their leaders have been begging for more wall for years. The wall Trump proposes is not a big concrete wall, but steel slats that allow one to see through. The job of the Border Control officers is often a dangerous one. They should be listened to, for they face the problem daily, and know what will work and what will not.

For those who would be interested, the Center for Immigration Studies will offer a tour of the border later in the year. You can check with them at for the details.

Texas originally reported that 95,000 illegals voted in the last election, and 58,000 who voted in more than one state, but those numbers have been challenged, and they’re working to find a more palatable number. Pennsylvania has reported 11.000 non-citizens on the voter rolls. We only know the ‘non-citizen’ part, not where they came from. But in California everyone who gets a driver’s license gets a voter registration card. We need to watch to make sure that does not become a national thing. The idea of illegal aliensĀ  voting in our elections should be repugnant to everyone.

Pelosi is disastrously wrong. She’s determined to see that Trump does not get “his” wall, but every murder by an illegal alien, every crime committed, every rape and attack will be her fault for not allowing the barriers to be built. Every drug death will be because she didn’t want to secure the border, and of course Senator Schumer as well. This isn’t really a simple political contest, but real decisions that effect peoples lives, and end them or destroy them, because there are real consequences.

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