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Does Government Have a Revenue or Spending Problem? by The Elephant's Child

Here’s the Big Problem. Does the Government have a Revenue Problem or a Spending Problem? The Obama administration will firmly state that they have a revenue problem. They need more money. Obama believes that all good things come from a government where wise and dedicated people (his administration) can best decide how funds should be appropriated, what those funds should accomplish, and who should get them.

He believes that good ideas come from government, good things are built by government, and good things are done for the people by — government. That’s why they have all those wise and superior people with superior educations in government offices to do a superior job of spending your money.He especially believes that the wealth that exists in society should be distributed more fairly. What was it he said “At some point you have enough money.” Or something like that. Buffet Rule and all that. Warren Buffett doesn’t pay enough taxes and his secretary pays too much. And that will fix what?

Republicans believe that the government spends way too much money, and they don’t spend it well. They waste way too much of it. The country is far better off when people keep more of their own money. People have good ideas, start businesses that no one dreamed of, they hire workers and make an economy grow. Entrepreneurs create jobs, government does not. There are 69 different welfare programs administered by different departments and overseen by different committees that may all do pretty much the same thing, who knows? The poor remain poor.

The Obama administration for 3 12 years has spent lavishly on everything on which they wanted to spend. They have spent the highest amount of any government in world history. They have spent more than all previous administrations put together, and they still want to spend more — on another stimulus and more clean energy. They have a Spending Problem.



Small Government Is Best! Here’s Why. by The Elephant's Child

We dastardly Republicans don’t keep saying these things because it’s a habit, or because it’s what we said before, and before, and before (though we did). We don’t say  it because it is an item of faith in our religion. We don’t say it because the big Cheeses in our think tanks told us to say it. We don’t do “talking points.” We say “Small Government is best” because that’s what the evidence shows, and what our own experience teaches us.

If you prefer EPA flyovers every day or two, checking up on how much you are watering, or whether you are growing the right plants, or if you like the BIG size of soft drinks, or if you want to pack your kid’s school lunch yourself because you know what he likes, or if you just like plain old incandescent bulbs, and don’t think it’s anyone’s business how long your shower lasts — well, you get the idea.

Small government is best.

So What’s Wrong With Big Government Anyway? What We Believe. by The Elephant's Child

Conservatives keep talking about “Big Government” and the disaster that it means for the American people. But what’s wrong with Big Government, and why is Small Government better? The Occupy people are rioting in the streets against Capitalism and Free Enterprise. Why are they wrong, and how do you argue with a liberal.  Bill Whittle is always great at explaining what Conservatives believe.

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