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The West Coast Is On Fire by The Elephant's Child
September 11, 2020, 8:01 pm
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Very, very smoky today. I live on the side of a hill that slopes down to a golf course, then rises up on the other side. Can’t even see the other side today. Somewhere around 10 blocks away, I guess. The birds are hunkered down in the bushes somewhere. Haven’t seen any today.

I’ve looked at forest maps, USFS maps and some have all the fires so close together that you can’t figure out just where they are. We were told that a great smoke cloud was moving north last night, but it’s not at all clear what the origins are. There’s a range of mountains, or several ranges that move from Canada on down to Mexico. Reportedly, we have imported fire fighters from all over the world to help fight the fires. Everybody is babbling about climate change, which is nonsense. The Climate has been changing for millions of years. It isn’t suddenly haywire because of “fracking” which has been a boon, supplying us all with plentiful natural gas. which is a good thing.

Visit Dr. Roy Spencer’s  website. He runs the satellites that measure the temperature of the world for NASA,  with Dr. John Christy at Huntsville, Alabama. He has a dandy introduction to  “Global Warming 101” and “Global Warming: Natural or Manmade“. There are other valuable websites in the sidebar. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, they say, but there is so much hype floating around! Joe Biden cannot seem to decide whether he is banning fracking (deathly in Pennsylvania) or not. Kamala Harris is all for banning it. Earlier Biden was for the whole “Green New Deal”. It’s hard to get a firm grip on the big picture which is the extent to which our economy depends on power, and the simple fact that windmills and solar arrays which do produce bits of power romantically, cannot possibly power a modern society. The environmental bunch are beginning to recognize that perhaps there is something to nuclear power, but not ready to adopt it just yet. Chernobyl, you know.

I grew up in the mountains of Idaho at around 4000 feet, on 400 acres that butted up against National Forest. The Picture on the August 30 post about “What Do You Mean Free” is of a lake in the Seven Devils Mountains that form the border between Idaho and Oregon and the eastern rim of Hell’s Canyon, of the Snake River, which flows north to join the Columbia River at Lewiston. The picture is, I think, of the she Devil, but there really are seven of them. Beautiful country.

The problem is forest management. Forests need thinning, and “environmentalists” don’t like logging. They have romantic ideals of pristine forests undisturbed by nasty humans, free of campers and tents and campfires so they can feel noble about their caring. And ordinary people feel a need to get out in the woods, where the loudest noise is the water flowing against the rocks in the river. That’s Granite Creek above.

We just need a little extra wind to blow all this stuff out to sea.

ADDENDUM: Another day, and the sky is not quite, as the song goes – a bright canary yellow, more like mayonnaise. No trace of the more familiar blue, and we don’t need wind, but a good rain storm. Looks like we’ll have to wait till the end of the week for that, if the forecast holds true. Smoky air, not a good day for being outside. I should probably add that this has nothing whatsoever to do with “climate change” that popular much ado about nothing. Just normal forest fire.

Smoky Air Today: Here’s Why: by The Elephant's Child

If you looked out the window today, you may nave noticed a tinge of smoke in the air. Sure sign of forest fires. This particular map did not include Canada, which also has forest fires, and the smoke, depending on the winds, is apt to affect us. Some rain expected later in the week, which might clear things up.

The so-called “environmentalists” have worked hard to prevent trees from being harvested for lumber. They do not want trees to be cut. But that has consequences as well. Logging roads do not get built into the timber so access to fight fire is more difficult so more territory burns. That dreadful Carr fire in California has burned over 90,000 acres and 6 people have died. It is only 20 percent contained, family homes burned.

Some expert mentioned that there are no “starter homes” being built any more. The cost of lumber has gone up dramatically because less lumber is being harvested.  I posted a story about 3-D printed houses in the Netherlands.

The Left envisions very dense American cities with everyone in high rise apartments (except for the important people, of course) They will have their estates, of course, but with the hoi-polloi  all in high rises, the rest of the country can all be parkland. Government owned, of course. Yet the federal government is having a hard time keeping up the national parks. My point is simply that there are always consequences. Studying up and doing our homework is a lifelong requirement. Sometimes we can prevent the consequences from overwhelming us.

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