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Wednesday Stack of Stuff by American Elephant

Part of the problem with blogging is that there are so many interesting storied to write about, and nowhere near enough time to write about them all. Here’s just some of the stories catching my attention:

How will Obama block it? — “New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US”

Heh heh — AOL Buys HuffPo, stock takes $315 million dive

Jennifer Rubin“Obamacare Support Melting Away”

iBubble? —  “Apple is Most Valuable Company on Earth: Analysts”

First GOP Senate pick up?“Webb won’t seek re-election”

Gallup — Poll: Obama 68% disapproval on Defecit

Progressive Control Freaks  still controlling — Boston to ban smoking in parks?

Most corrupt administration ever #1 — Obama fired another investigator for doing his job.

Most corrupt administration ever #2 — Emanuel/Blagojevich phone calls conveniently go missing

NASA shock — New 3D photographs reveal Sun looks remarkably the same from all sides

Saturday Night Stack of Stuff by American Elephant
January 22, 2011, 6:06 pm
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65% of Doctors think Obamacare will make healthcare worse — CNBC

Coming Soon to a planet near you? Two Suns —

Chomsky: GOP win means end of the world, or something — Daily Caller

“Civility” in Russian Politics [Warning: NSFW] — You Tube

Who’da Thunk! Obama to push bigger govt, more spending in SOTU — WSJ

Unwanted, unneeded, unappetizing: breast milk cheese — Gizmodo

28 States now suing to stop Obamacare — FOX News

Idaho, 6 other states may “nullify” Obamacare — HotAir

Facebook/Twitter don’t connect people, they isolate them — The Guardian

Another day, another bogus global warming study — AFP

World’s Laziest Mailman hoarded/burned mail — Seattle Weekly

“Knokkers”: Like pool, but with bowling balls — Geekology

Hidden Inflation: Same Price, Less Product — CNN Money

New Captain America: less spandexy more soldiery — I Watch Stuff

Saturday Morning Stack of Stuff by American Elephant
October 9, 2010, 6:41 am
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Like many bloggers, I suspect, I have far more things that I want to write about than I have time to write about them, so I’ve developed this horrible habit of leaving those stories open in browser windows thinking that I will get to them soon. But more often than not, I don’t. This week ‘s been particularly bad — right now, I have 56 open Firefix windows on my desktop — all stories waiting to be written. And as I am sure you can guess, I’m never going to get around to writing them all. Fortunately, the Elephant’s CHild has been doing quite well without me.

The pitfalls of blogging under a Democrat regime that has thousands of bureaucrats and politicians moving as fast as they can on all fronts to grow government, seize power, and move the country as far left as they possibly can.

But still, I don’t want to just NOT write about all these stories I have piled up. So, I’m going to try a bit of a document drop, as it were, to thin down the stack of  stuff:

This week in presidential symbolism:

Obama promised HOPE™ — he has delivered despair:


How Democrats operate:

Expand government, pay off special interests, and get as many new people hooked on government handouts as possible — then claim there isn’t enough money for the things government is already obligated to do. They do this at the local level, where if you oppose their tax increases they claim it will mean fewer ambulances, firefighters and policemen, while needle-exchange programs and light-rail boondoggles go forward fully funded.

And they do it nationally:

Democrats spent everything we have, and then some (and then some MORE) tripling the deficit in their first budget, and then quadrupling that record-busting budget in their second. They spent trillions paying off union thugs and other political donors, and massively growing government for partisan gain, then they have the gall to come back to the American people and claim there isn’t enough money left for cost of living increases for Social Security recipients. Then they, and their media lapdogs have the further gall to pretend Republicans are the bad guys for opposing the increased spending to pay for what should have been paid for LONG before anything Democrats have already spent money on.

But Republicans can and will pay for those increases without increasing spending one dime  — by defunding Obamacare and the rest of the Democrats reckless agenda.

Obamacare preview:

No wonder this president (who said he wouldn’t rest until the economy was fixed) can’t seem to stop going on vacations.

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