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The Obama Doctrine: Surely There is One? by The Elephant's Child

Elliott Abrams spoke out about “Obama’s Pathetic Response to Libya:

With a thousand Libyans (and perhaps many more) dead already from the Qaddafi regime’s attacks on its own population, and with reports of thousands of mercenaries and militiamen streaming toward Tripoli, President Obama finally spoke to the nation about this violence on Wednesday afternoon. He announced solemnly that he was sending Secretary of State Clinton to Geneva to visit the U.N. Human Rights Council and “hold consultations”—next Monday!

As did John Podhoretz at Commentary: “Better He Should Have Said Nothing

After days of silence, the president of the United States took to the microphone and, in a statement of almost unbelievable pointlessness, said as little as he could. He condemned the violence, said he was sending Hillary Clinton to Europe, said he had instructed his team to look at all options, and said that the “most basic aspiration” of people was (and here he quoted a Libyan) “to be able to live like human beings.” Crises either elevate leaders or make them look shrunken and unequal to the task history has assigned them. I think there’s little question which of these two categories describes Barack Obama right now.

And over at the Doug Ross Journal it’s All Summed-Up with “The Obama Doctrine Cheat Sheet,” to help you to keep everything straight in your mind.  Don’t miss it.

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