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Shining a Little Daylight on our Relaionship With Israel. by The Elephant's Child

The Israelis produced this film exposing their understanding of the relationship between the Obama administration and the state of Israel, over the past three years. They call it “Daylight.”

I would describe the video as straightforward and fair. I believe our relationship with Israel is important and the administration’s treatment of this great friend has been deplorable. Constant demands that Israel give up more land, more lives so that the Palestinians will want to make peace is a pipedream. The Palestinians have no interest in peace.  They want to eliminate Israel. That’s what they teach their little kids in school— grow up to be a shahid. They don’t even show the state of Israel on their maps.

Once again, Obama’s public words have no relationship to his actions. If you care to read his speech at the AIPAC Conference yesterday, it is here.

ADDENDUM: An article from the Times of Israel expresses Netanyahu’s dilemma: Does he dare rely on Obama? It’s an interesting piece and shows just how far the administration’s intemperate words and acts have decayed the relationship.

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