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Michelle Malkin Has Some Concerns about Google Too. by The Elephant's Child

Michelle Malkin has warned of Google’s surveillance of our children through their ostensibly educational suite of applications. This, too, was a response to the leaked videos of Google’s “all-hands meeting” after Donald Trump’s election. Google co-founder Sergey Brin suggested that President Donald Trump’s supporters voted for him out of “boredom,” which he further credited as an historical driver of both fascism and communism. That is indeed a pretty weird analysis of the election, and not one I have heard elsewhere. That is so far from what is actually going on in the country, that you have to take notice. Responding to an online question that expressed concern at the growing income disparities between America’s heartland and the coastal regions, Brin responded:

I think everyone’s presuming that some of these folks left behind are specifically the people who voted for Trump. I don’t think the data quite supports that – I know there’s the geographic, roughly speaking, spread [but] Hillary won the lower-income demographic…”

The biggest relationship was whether people had really routine jobs, um, in an area, that correlated highly, uh, with Trump support versus non-routine jobs. There’s actually a lot of historical precedent for boredom being a huge factor in vote choice – and actually in building extremism.

Data shows that boredom led to fascism and also the communist revolutions, I mean there are many other factors too, but, uh, it sort of sneaks up, sometimes, you know, really bad things …”Brin goes on to say that Google should think about how it can improve “governance” and “decision-making.”

How will Google combat the “extremism” that Brin links to Trump support? The co-founder references it himself elsewhere in the clip: the company’s internal think-tank, “Jigsaw,” which has developed tools to redirect users away from “extremist” content in search results on both Google Search and YouTube.

Michelle Malkin said:

Is Google’s role in infiltrating the public schools.,when they talk about boredom, what do they think is the cure? Well, stuffing our kids’ minds and larding up their computers, which are donated by Google and all of these big tech companies into the classrooms with GAFE, which is Google Applications for Education.”

Why? Not because they care about boredom or not, but they’re tracking our kids. Who cares about tracking hijackers and jihadists? They’re spending more money and building more infrastructure to track our kids from the time they get onto the bus until they graduate from college. That’s what they’re focused on.

Google had free reign under the Obama White House, that’s how the FERPA — Family Education Rights and Privacy Act — was completely weakened to allow the third-party sale of our kids’ data, and more needs to be done on that front. I’d like to see the Trump Education Department be doing more to combat that. …

It’s not just their searches,” said Malkin. “It’s not just their curricula. [Google] is starting to track and measure social and emotional and psychological learning to program them to be good workers bees like the ones that we saw all applauding dutifully at the all-hands meeting after the election.

Sergey Brin makes a lot of his status as “immigrant” He was born in Russia, but came to the U.S. at age six, when his parents fled persecution as Jews. I don’t know if these people who struck it rich with an invention that proved to be in great demand, had time aside from their technology studies to learn something about American history and the freedom that brought his family here.

I don’t know, but what the Google people had to say in the purloined video of their meeting, indicates that there is at least one person there who is not completely on board. A little broad daylight on the company may not be welcome, but seems to be necessary.

Michelle Malkin said:

“One last angle I want to get in here… and it’s something that Breitbart’s education reporters have covered… is Google’s role in infiltrating the public schools. When they talk about boredom, what do they think is the cure? Well, stuffing our kids’ minds and larding up their computers, which are donated by Google and all of these big tech companies into the classrooms with GAFE, which is Google Applications for Education.”

Federal Law Enforcement by The Elephant's Child

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A Little More Intrusion into Your Personal Life. You Won’t Mind, Will You? by The Elephant's Child

If you weren’t already worried enough about surveillance, and having your phone calls, emails, Facebook page and tweets monitored, according to the Gateway Pundit, the Immigration Bill now being debated in the Senate will create a national database on every adult in the U.S.  Homeland Security will create a massive federal database containing you name, age, Social Security number and photograph, from state issued photo IDs, according to Wired. 

A Senate aide disputed the Wired account arguing that a Supreme Court ruling Printz v. US would prohibit the federal government from forcing state officials to turn over driver’s license images. But already the faces of more than 120 million people are stored in searchable photo databases which are increasingly used by police to identify suspects, accomplices and bystanders in criminal investigations.

Just fills you with confidence in the government, doesn’t it? It’s always been clear that inside every Liberal lurks a little totalitarian who can’t stop trying to rearrange things to suit himself, but it does seem to be piling up.

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