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What’s the Real Difference between Democrats and Republicans? by The Elephant's Child

You see it again in the current political campaign. Democrats want to buy your votes, with, say, “Medicare for All”, or “The Green New Deal.” The basic problem with this is not just that such programs would be absurdly costly. The problem is that the federal government has no money of it’s own, and can only “give” you these wonderful benefits by raising your taxes. Of course they say — not yours, just the taxes on the very wealthy, Big Business, rich people. Part of the problem is that Big Business and those who run those big businesses are those who create and fill good jobs.

Republicans want to cut taxes, not just on the rich as Democrats pretend, but on everybody, because that allows businesses to grow and expand, offer new products, and gives those who want to start businesses a little extra to do it with. And that is a very good thing. It allows people, the unemployed, to rise. The February Jobs report showed the economy’s payrolls soaring by 273,000 new jobs. And many more want to hire. Congress is talking about adding more visas for temporary workers. If the unemployed want jobs, they can probably get one. Average hourly earnings increased by 0.3%. Looks like a good climate for graduating seniors.

I think that because Democrats see themselves as morally superior, and the Republicans as lesser beings, giving stuff is seen as the way to garner votes. I think that people would rather have a good job than be given stuff, they want to provide for their families themselves, and they want to work hard and advance. And the gifts Democrats want to give people end up costing far more than was planned and everybody has to pay.

“Trumpism Goes International” by The Elephant's Child

Fascinating post at American Greatness: “Trumpism Goes International

You wouldn’t know it from listening to the mainstream media, but some powerful, left-wing European and Asian countries are emulating Donald Trump’s economic plans, including tax cuts, regulatory reforms, and fair and equitable trade policies.

These reforms are America’s most historic economic changes in 25 years, for which President Trump has been roundly criticized. Even so, influential nations are not only copying these policies, they are also describing them as historic cultural shifts.

Deciphering America’s mood and what’s going on in the heart of the country won the election for Trump. But the president has also tapped into the world’s mood, and other countries have picked up on his agenda. This is radical and revolutionary stuff. Practices, proposals, legislative changes, and economic agendas unseen since the Reagan presidency are once again on the table. What is fascinating is how little awareness of these events the American press or elected officials seem to have, nor do they have any idea of their significance.

Do read the whole thing. It is worth pondering. Certainly the European Union has become something of an empire, unresponsive to its member countries and unimpressed with the problems they are imposing on them. Europe has had long experience with empires, and one would think that they learned some lessons, but elites never seem to grasp the moment when they have just gone too far. And they are oblivious to the fact that the migrants they are imposing on their member countries have their own empire, which they plan to install in Europe, over the coming decades.

At some point, Europe will awaken and notice what is going on around them, but will it be in time? Or we all so captivated by the ongoing anguish and outrage and end of the earth angst that we cannot recognize what is really going on around us either?

Let’s Skip the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Just Forget the Whole Thing. by The Elephant's Child
September 15, 2009, 2:44 am
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The Heritage Foundation blog had some special advice for President Obama this morning:

Do Not Create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency: The administration proposes to consolidate existing consumer regulators into a new and very powerful Consumer Financial Protection Agency.  This is the single biggest policy mistake in the Obama plan.  The proposal assumes that consumers are unable to understand any financial products other than the most simple, basic versions even with detailed disclosures in advance of purchase.  This basic contempt for the intelligence of consumers would extend to requiring them to refuse basic products before they would be allowed to purchase anything else.

According to an Associated Press poll, 80 percent of Americans rate the condition of the economy as poor and half of those surveyed said deficit reduction should be a national priority over increased spending on health care, education or alternative energy.

Obama certainly seems to have some ironclad fantasies.  In his mindset, control by a government elite will improve an America that he’s not too sure about.  That is a set mind, not amenable to change.  He has an incredible agenda.  He is going to fix everything.  The banks, Wall Street, the automobile companies, health care, the economy, unemployment, the increasing decline of labor unions, education, foreign policy, our relations with every other country— appeasing our enemies, antagonizing our friends, student loans, killing bin-Laden, cutting defense spending, saving the country from non-existent global warming, switching to clean alternative energy, rebuilding our electrical grid, adding high speed trains throughout the Midwest.  This is the mindset of vast naivety, arrogant overreach and inexperience.

According to Christina Romer, Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, the jobless rate will peak at 10 percent and won’t start falling anytime soon. The jobless rate in Michigan is  far beyond 10 percent, and in parts of the San Joaquin Valley in California it is at 40 percent. Larry Summers has said that they don’t know how to fix unemployment.

And a new congressional oversight report says it is highly unlikely that taxpayers will recover their investment in Chrysler or GM, in case you weren’t already quite sure of that very thing.

The financial crisis was caused by government involvement. The failure of the automobile companies was caused by government involvement.  The failure of our schools has been caused by government involvement.  The ‘crisis’ in healthcare —Medicaid and Medicare — has been caused by government involvement.  There is nothing that will be saved by more government involvement.

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