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Here’s How a Grocery Chain Responded to Houston Floods by The Elephant's Child
September 4, 2017, 10:05 pm
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As Houston struggles to mop up, clean up and dry out  from the ravages of Hurricane Harvey—Hurricane Irma is moving slowly up through the Caribbean. Irma has increased to a category 4 hurricane, and Florida is preparing, though the path of Irma is not clear yet. With Irma following so closely after Harvey, the global warming cult will be sure that it proves something or other.

Stories continue to emerge of Texans pitching in to help Texans. American Thinker provided a link to an account of the way H.E.B., Texas’ largest grocery chain, with 83 stores in the Houston area, responded to Hurricane Harvey.   Here’s American Thinker’s story. Particularly interesting as Amazon moves to take over the grocery business.

How would Silicon Valley respond to a massive earthquake? We don’t have hurricanes on the West Coast. Or California, for that matter? Or Seattle, or Portland? Leftists assume that Texas is full of drunken cowboys, evangelical churches, uneducated ‘Deplorables’ and  icky Republicans. But people and businesses keep moving out of California and heading to Texas. Just a mystery.


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