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Replace Alexander Hamilton? Why? by The Elephant's Child

HamiltonIt was last June that the Treasury Department announced plans to replace Andrew Hamilton’s face on the $10 bill with — a woman! This is a typical Democrat sop to the feminist movement, because nobody else really cares. It all spends the same, and just how many Americans even know who Alexander Hamilton was anyway?

Alexander Hamilton was our first Secretary of the Treasury, one of our most important founding fathers,  and he bestowed upon us a blessing:

“A national debt, if it is not excessive,
will be to us a national blessing. It will be a powerful
cement to our union…[and] a spur to industry.”

In the 1860s we used the national debt to save the union. In the 1930s we used it to save the American economy. In the 1940s we used it to save the world. But how much debt is too much?

Maybe that’s part of the Democrats’ game. They don’t want us to think about how much debt is too much, because they can’t buy votes and offer welfare to everyone to make themselves feel good, and be tightfisted with budgets too. Saving the earth from the fires of global warming and the rise of the seas doesn’t come cheap. Nor do big climate conferences, and a global commitment that if everybody hewed to the letter of would possibly stave off the ravages of climate change by 0.170º.

Aside from all that, nobody could come up with a woman to replace Alexander Hamilton, or give a reason why she (whoever she might be) should replace him.  It’s not going to be Janet Yellen, though she finally raised the interest rate by a massive ¼ of a point, and the markets celebrated.  Anyway, they’ve put off a decision about Hamilton till later. A reprieve.

Recommended Reading: Hamilton’s Blessing: The Extraordinary Life and Times of Our National Debt by John Steele Gordon

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