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Political Correctness Trumps Common Sense, and National Security by The Elephant's Child

MG_2867Oxford University Press, a leading publisher of schoolbooks, has banned its authors from mentioning pigs, sausages or anything pork related in their books, lest the words offend Muslims and Jews. Observant Jews may follow Kosher laws as far as the food they eat, but I have never heard that they are offended by the mention of pigs. So much for the Three Little Pigs, Olivia, and Charlotte’s Web. The publisher wants to avoid anything that could offend anyone in any of the 150 countries in which they hope to sell their schoolbooks.

Separately, Duke University announced that it would allow the “adhan” — the Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast across campus every Friday, saying that it would enhance the religious plurality on campus. More than a few people weighed in on that decision, and Duke University decided — never mind. No one has noticed other major universities falling all over themselves to appeal to any other religious minorities. Mostly, our enlightened academics are attacking Evangelic religions, deploring religiosity, and deploring anything connected with religion .

But, you see, we have a religion amongst us, some of whose adherents do take offense at unbelievers. The fear of giving offense seems mostly to be found in the halls of academe — the very place where young students are supposed to be learning ‘critical thinking skills’ and honoring freedom of speech, yet here in the United States of America Smith College President Kathleen McCartney had to apologize to her students for saying “All Lives Matter” instead of the politically correct “Black Lives Matter.”

And many American universities are having conflict over whether or not to defund any investments in stocks that include Israeli products, because they believe that Israelis are mean to the poor terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank.

It’s been a long time since I graduated from college, but I never remember any professor even giving a hint about their political preferences. They would not have considered that to be ethical. Like I said, it was a long time ago.

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