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Obama Will Inaugurate His Reelection Campaign on May 5 by The Elephant's Child

Stop laughing. Yes, this guy that has been flying all over the country in Air Force One, raising money at campaign events, beginning nearly a year ago. Over 100 fundraisers and another one last night — admission $35K on up. All those rallies at schools are just to see the kids science projects or something. The attempts to sell the “Buffet Rule,” those were “official” forays, or “official” travels designed to influence Congress.  But Obama knew the so-called Buffet Rule would never get by Congress.

The trips this week to talk to college students about lowering the interest rates on college loans? Those were obviously “official” business, even though the kids don’t have to worry about their loans until after they graduate — but they do get to vote before then — don’t they?

Air Force One costs $182.000 an hour— apparently of taxpayer money, since they are being so careful to indicate that he is only starting to campaign on May 5. Does he really need the helicopters as well, and the 20 car motorcade?

I think presidents should have vacations, enjoy some golf or whatever relaxation they need, spend time at Camp David. The work can be very stressful. We provide a president with lots of perks out of respect for the office. But it seems to be the Czars who are doing all the work, and this imperial president lavishes in the most expensive of the perks without the slightest concern for the enormous budget deficit and the 88 million unemployed. As the press is fond of saying — the optics are, um, unfortunate.  You can look up the president’s schedule on the White House website. It includes all his campaign events too.

We’ve been paying for his personal fascination with things solar, his personal enthusiasm for electric cars, his romance with light rail, and his personal distaste for any and all fossil fuels, not to mention his very obvious unconcern for the pocketbooks of American citizens. All those fundraisers that pretended to be “official” events should have raised enough money to pay for the presidential campaign travel, shouldn’t they?

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