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How Could Hillary Possibly Govern? by The Elephant's Child


Hillary cannot stop lying. Today she was in Florida telling listeners that they could count on her to defeat ISIS  because she was in New York on 9/11 and saw the planes hit the towers. Except, no, she wasn’t. She was in the Senate and there’s a picture of her out on the Capitol steps, singing “God Bless America” with the rest of the Senate, and an interview with her on video at 8:00 PM that night.  She is always the hero of some strange movie running in her head when she dodges sniper fire in Bosnia, named after a famous mountain climber who didn’t become famous until years later. Tried to join the Marines!

The lies weren’t really important, and it makes her look silly when she is caught out. It’s compulsive, but creepy. And so much worse when her lies are exposed, than if she had been truthful in the first place.

But how is she possibly going to govern? She is not liked, even by Democrats. Who would trust her? Listening to her screech is beyond painful. She has a truly unpleasant voice. How would she get her appointments through Congress? Are they people she owes? Do they have something on her? How does she interact with other heads of state?

The entire world is watching this campaign unfold. Some news appears in the British papers before anyone here gets it.

The Clinton Foundation has been under investigation by the FBI for over a  year, and is ongoing. It is reported that indictments are likely.

More to come from Wikileaks, more news from the FBI, Justice, State, and the Wiener household, I guess. It’s beginning to seem like the script for a thriller rather than just an ordinary American election that we have every four years. What next? Unfolding.

The Clintons Released Their Tax Returns, and They Are Very Interesting by The Elephant's Child

<> on April 25, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.

Hillary and Bill Clinton released their tax returns on Friday, in what was seen by many as an attempt to force Donald Trump to release his. He says he is being audited by the IRS and can’t release his returns until they’re done. It’s a time for back and forth accusations.

The Clintons, who Hillary claimed left the White House dead broke, tax returns show that the couple earned $10,745,378 last year, mostly on income from giving public speeches. $10 million worth of speeches?  Really?

Of that amount, they donated $1,042,000 to charity, which got them a nice big deduction, although all the contribution went to the Clinton Family Foundation — which they control and which acts as their family piggy bank.  The Clinton Family Foundation is separate from the Clinton Foundation which has been at the center of claims of donations from countries with records of human rights abuses. Most of the criticism is directed at the wealthy donors to the “non-profit” who then received favors from the Secretary’s State Department.

President Obama’s Justice Department according to CNN, declined a request to investigate the Clinton Foundation from the FBI,though other sources say this is not true..The Foundation may still be under federal investigation. Preet Bharara, the U.S, Attorney for the southern district of New York,  is conducting a joint investigation with the FBI out of his office.

As more emails are released, it becomes clear that big donations to the Clinton Foundation resulted in job offers, favors for the donor, and big pay for a speech from Bill got favors from the U.S, State Department. Hillary is getting a lot of support from big business and the tech industry — apparently because they know she can be bought.

We Talk A Lot About Crony Capitalism, But What Is It? by The Elephant's Child

Most of us don’t like crony capitalism, but there is seldom an explanation of how to get rid of it. It is natural for congressmen to favor the major businesses in their districts. Unfortunately, many congressmen or people who have had leadership roles in federal agencies to move to lobbying, or to positions in large organizations where their connections can prove useful in getting government contracts or favorable government treatment. Connections are what matters — who you know and what influence they have. When it gets ugly is the favors and financing and deals that follow the influence and the connections. Partly, it is unseemly, and then ranges from unfair to bribery and criminal influence.

Congress has made valiant efforts to control this kind of fraud with Inspectors General for each of the agencies, and attempts to rein it in, but the members of Congress are only human with all the human flaws. There is, understandably, little effort to control the revolving door that promises good employment when one leaves office.

The essential control is smaller government. I can think of several agencies I would eliminate completely, and you probably can too. Republicans usually favor smaller government, and eliminating unnecessary agencies, but they don’t do a very good job of explaining why it is so important. The more agencies there are, the more busy work, excess regulation, duplication, and waste, fraud and abuse.

Democrats believe in big government, and the power over the citizens that big government offers. They work hard to make citizens dependent on government because that insures they will vote for Democrats to keep their benefits, without realizing the extent to which they are giving up their personal liberty.

You may have noticed that Democrats are far more tolerant of crony capitalism, vote fraud, or misbehavior in office than Republicans are. I suspect most Republicans and a goodly percentage of Democrats would be outraged at President Obama’s and Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch’s efforts to allow non-citizens to vote. That’s what all of the claims that requiring picture ID from voters was “racist” were all about. Unfortunately, “racist” has become the all purpose word to defend whatever ploy the Left is advocating. So far, the judge in the case is dubious.

David Horowitz provides us with a startling example of crony capitalism from our former Secretary of State, and donations to the Clinton Foundation, which seems to donate little to worthy causes and mostly act as a slush fund for the use of the Clintons. The countries were certainly generous with the funds they allocated to Secretary Clinton’s private foundation. What, if anything, they received in return is unknown. I’m sure they just gave these rather large sums as a gift, knowing that it would go to a good cause, and didn’t expect any special consideration in exchange, don’t you?  (Click to enlarge)


Hillary Has Managed To Step In It Again! by The Elephant's Child

Yesterday’s news moved on from the Netanyahu speech to Hillary’s e-mails. It appears that for six years, Hillary was in violation of State Department  regulations for using private e-mails. Government e-mails are supposed to be preserved and archived. It’s all about transparency.

Hillary has remarkably poor political instincts. She is a liar. She will usually attempt to cover up her errors rather than learn from them. She can be counted on to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. Her mind is on her ambition and how to get there, and she seldom realizes how what she says or does will appear. She is greedy and wants to match the wealth and style of those with whom she chooses to associate—hence her impressive fees for speeches and demand for royal treatment wherever she goes.  It’s against the law to accept money from foreign countries when you hold a public office like Secretary of State, but she wants a big foundation and does not want to be accountable. Republicans have noticed.

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