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How to Talk To Progressive Millennials by The Elephant's Child

Someone read this piece from the archives overnight. I had forgotten about it, and played the video again and really enjoyed the whole thing, as I did the first time. Seemed like a good idea to re-post it so that you can enjoy it. It’s from April 2016, but apparently not all that much has changed. Enjoy.

This speech by Bill Whittle was the keynote speech at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s 2016 West Coast Retreat earlier this month in Palos Verdes, CA. He’s a terrific speaker, and in this case he was talking about talking to the millennials — Progressive millennials.

So his speech became sort of a lesson in how to talk to progressive millennials who have a lot of preconceived notions about conservatives — about some of today’s common issues of disagreement, like Citizens United, and guns, and Socialist paradises and science — that sort of thing. And because he’s a terrific speaker, he does it very well indeed. You can watch, or if you prefer to read the transcript it is here.

I’m inclined to read transcripts myself, because I go back and read some sentences over again when I think something is particularly well said, and there’s a lot of that here.

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