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My Picks for Must-Read Articles by The Elephant's Child
April 16, 2019, 10:11 pm
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Behind The Obama Administration’s Spying by Andy McCarthy

The Progressive Revolution by Victor Davis Hanson

The U.S. Economy Just Keeps Sprinting Ahead by Andy Puzder

Ilhan Omar: A Hostage Situation by Kevin Williamson

Obama’s Astonishing Speech to the VFW by The Elephant's Child

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President Obama spoke to the VFW National Convention in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. It was an astonishing speech, in which Mr. Obama laid out his worldview more directly than he has previously done.

For too long, there had been a mindset where the first instinct when facing a challenge in the world was to send in our military — and we have the greatest military in human history.  But we learned, painfully, where that kind of thinking can lead — that rushing into war without thinking through the consequences, and going it alone without broad international support, getting drawn into unnecessary conflicts and spreading our military too thin actually too often would play into the hands of our enemies.  That’s what they wanted us to do.

And who paid the price?  Our men and women in uniform.  Our wounded warriors.  Our fallen heroes who never come home.  Their families, who carry that loss forever.

And so I said then that our brave troops and their families deserve better.  We cannot expect our military to bear the entire burden of our national security alone.  Everybody has to support our national security.

Translation: See, I’m more responsible than the hated Bush who got us into a war in Iraq. And if we cannot expect the military to bear the burden of national security, why do we have a volunteer military?

Mr. Obama has just announced (not in this speech) that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will no longer require incoming U.S. citizens to pledge that they will”bear arms on behalf of the United States” or “perform noncombatant service” in the Armed forces as part of the naturalization process.

And so today, we’re pursuing a new kind of leadership — a smarter, broader vision of American strength, one that relies not only on our outstanding military, but on all elements of our national power.  And that starts with the recognition that our strength in the world depends on our economic strength here at home.

At this point he goes into a lengthy explication of just how wonderful the economy is, how many jobs he has created. manufacturing booming, reducing dependence on foreign oil, affordable health care, and either he has a movie of his own wonderfulness running in his head or he is seriously delusional. He blames his cuts in our military forces on Republicans. But he did actually call ISIL a “barbaric terrorist organization,” though the attack in Chattanooga was, once again, caused by a “lone wolf.”

Real leadership, he says, means “having the courage to lead in a new direction, the wisdom to move beyond policies that haven’t worked in the past, having the confidence to engage in smart principled diplomacy that can lead to a better future.”

“That’s what we’re doing in Cuba, where the new chapter between our peoples will mean more opportunities for the Cuban people.”

The speech is long, but I would urge you to read it with a critical eye, to understand where he is really going and what he seems to believe. And to understand how he lies, and how carefully he presents his actions to a public for whom he has the utmost contempt.

Parables About Property” by The Elephant's Child
December 26, 2010, 8:16 pm
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This brief fictional exchange took place at a blog called Easy Opinions, titled “Property and Pigs.”

Official:  I see that you have a large income. We need more of it.

Mike:  I work legally for my income and I pay 35% at the top tax rate. Isn’t that enough?

Official:  The economy is bad now. We need to take your money and pay other people. They will spend it and improve the economy.

Mike:  Why do you think the economy will improve?

Official:  10 years ago the top rate was 39.6% and the economy was good.

Mike:  Those things aren’t related. How would higher tax rates produce a growing economy?

Official:  I don’t have time to discuss philosophy with you. You have the money. We want the money.

The pigs part is included in the same post, and titled How to Catch Wild Pigs.Don’t miss it.

Our Very Own Dino Rossi is Interviewed by National Review. by The Elephant's Child
July 1, 2010, 8:29 pm
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Dino Rossi is a candidate for the Senate seat currently occupied by Patty Murray (D-WA).  He dropped in at National Review today to tell a little about himself.  He is an accomplished candidate, a successful businessman, and a very nice guy.  His expertise is badly needed to help to right a faltering economy.

Murray was elected to the Senate in the “Year of the Woman”, whatever that was, and ran as a “mom in tennis shoes.”  Her qualifications were, if I remember correctly, that she had been a teacher’s aide.  She is now, ahem, a member of the Democrat leadership in the Senate. She has voted consistently for everything the Democrats told her to vote for, and against whatever she was told to vote against. Ineffective doesn’t even begin to cover it.

American Elephant adds: You may remember that Dino won the Washington State gubernatorial election in 2004, not once, but twice, only to have Democrats steal the election from him on the third recount by “finding” unsecured, previously uncounted ballots in heavily Democrat-leaning King County. Later that year, ACORN workers were convicted of the biggest voter-registration fraud in state history.

(In case you don’t know, this is one of the most popular ways Democrats steal elections. ACORN workers, union thugs and other Democrat vermin register phony voters to bulk up the voter rolls, then the heaviest Democrat precincts “find” just enough ballots to put them over the top in the recount. It’s how Dino Rossi lost to Christine Gregoire, its how Maria Cantwell stole the election from Slate Gordon, and it’s how Al Franken narrowly stole the election from Norm Coleman in Minnesota…a tactic that is coming very soon to your state, like in 2010 and 2012, if it isn’t there already)

So we know that not only CAN Dino win, he already has. This time we just need to make sure he wins big enough that Democrats can’t steal the election.

You can learn more about Dino, and help his campaign here.

Massachusetts Health Care is Bankrupting the State, National Health Care Could Bankrupt the Country. by The Elephant's Child

Massachusetts Care was supposed to be the model for national health care.  It has not, however, worked out so well.  After only 3 years, Massachusetts health insurance premiums are the highest in the nation.  Governor Deval Patrick has called for price controls.  Doctors have fled the state. And state treasurer Tim Cahill says the universal health care law is bankrupting Massachusetts, and will do the same thing nationally if  Congress passes a similar plan to cover far more people.

Massachusetts state treasurer Tim Cahill recently left the Democrat Party to run for governor as an independent.

State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill, an independent candidate for governor, today offered a wide-ranging and scathing criticism of the state’s universal health care law, saying it is bankrupting Massachusetts and will do the same nationally, if a similar plan is passed in Congress.

“If President Obama and the Democrats repeat the mistake of the health insurance reform here in Massachusetts on a national level, they will threaten to wipe out the American economy within four years,” Cahill said in a press conference in his office.

Echoing criticism leveled by Congressional Republicans in recent weeks, Cahill said, “It is time for the president, the Democratic leadership, to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new plan that does not threaten to bankrupt this country.”

Cahill said that health care costs have increased by $4.2 billion over what they were spending previously, and income has declined.    “We haven’t done anything about driving down costs,” Cahill said.  “We haven’t helped small business.  We haven’t changed the way we pay for health care and the way we deliver it.”

A Few Words from Fred Thompson by The Elephant's Child

The always entertaining and informed Fred Thompson on the economy.

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