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Why is Economic Freedom So Hard To Understand? by The Elephant's Child

John Taylor Economisat

John B. Taylor is a professor of economics at Stanford University. He is also a fellow with the Hoover Institution, and has served several presidents on their Council of Economic Advisers. He listed, recently:

The Principles of Economic Freedom

  1. predictability — people want to know what’s coming. In a democracy you can’t just order this fixed.
  2. rule of law — we bailed out Bear Stearns, Chrysler, did special favors for Fannie & Freddie with regulatory capture.
  3. incentives — the price system provides incentives — prices go up — people buy less — are what motivates people. Keep it simple.
  4. the free market system — it works.
  5. a limited role for government — cost/benefit analysis, usually limited makes for sensible deciding.

Not complicated. Just a few simple bits of common sense. If you have time this weekend, do watch Dr. Taylor’s speech at the Center for Ethics on the “Ethics of Wealth ” series. I know, I know, it’s long, but you would pay a hefty fee to attend, or for a college class at Stanford., and here it’s free. A better deal than your neighborhood cineplex.

Thomas Sowell Talks About Intellectuals and Race by The Elephant's Child

On the Hoover Institution’s Uncommon Knowledge, Thomas Sowell talks about his newest book on Intellectuals and Race. Dr. Sowell  has been uncluttering language and thought for many years. I keep copying down things he has said casually, because they are so well said, I want to remember them. He occupies a goodly percentage of my personal book of quotations. Bartletts doesn’t answer anymore. Too dusty.

Victor Davis Hanson: Why War? by The Elephant's Child

Especially right and necessary for Memorial Day, Victor Davis Hanson talks about War. Why do we have wars? What makes men start wars? How do you end a war? How can we avoid war? Is war simply natural to the human condition? Is there no hope? He spans the entire history of the wars of civilization and shows how the study of the history of war  can be a torch to light our way through the darkness.  Absolutely brilliant.

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