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A Note to Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Evangelicals, Rhinos, et all by The Elephant's Child


The Republican Party is supposed to be a “big tent” — home to everybody on the Right, not just those who agree with you. Big tent means including a wide variety of opinions. Lots of people do not like Speaker of the House John Boehner because he has not fought hard enough, in their opinion, against Obama.

But the Speaker of the House is chosen by the members of the House to lead them. You don’t get to make that choice. Somebody has to understand the history and the body of regulations that govern the operations of the House and the Congress. He is not chosen to be their only spokesperson. There are probably 435 representatives happy to grab the nearest microphone at any time.

It would be helpful to concentrate on the laws and regulations inflicted by the Obama administration and what the Republicans can do better. The people of America need to know, for example, why ObamaCare is so bad and promises to become worse, but are scared that Republicans will take away the health insurance.

I believe that the whole thing should be repealed, not “fixed”. I want insurance to be handled by insurance companies with just barely enough regulation to insure protection from abuse. I think doctors and hospitals can handle medicine far better than members of Congress, and that the government should get out of the health care business. The free market works remarkably well, and when competition is encouraged, costs come down. There are a few physicians in Congress, but the rest of the members don’t know diddly-squat about running a nation’s health care. Doctors endure all they have to go through in becoming a physician because they want to take care of people.

Medicaid, the program for the poor is, according to careful studies, worse for outcomes than doing without insurance entirely. They keep the costs down by paying doctors so little that no one will see Medicaid patients, and grossly limiting who they can see and what services can be used. The Indian Health Service is reportedly significantly worse than Medicaid. And even knowing what has gone wrong at the Veterans Administration health care system, like killing vets from neglect and inability to see a doctor, has not even really begun to be fixed. That should be evidence that the federal government has no qualifications to control health care. But the American people have trouble evaluating qualifications. They are swayed by theatrics and appearances, and are not good at evaluating speech for veracity.

A card-carrying Liberal believes in lots of regulation, because they regard themselves as “smart” and the hoi-polloi as “stupid” — see Jonathan Gruber. When regulation does not accomplish the desired ends, a Liberal believes the answer lies in more regulation, and more money (not for the capitalist doctors, but for the administration). It is simply a circulating machine, requiring constant feeding, until it slowly grinds to a halt, or kills most of its patients.

Laws and regulations are very imperfect solutions to humanity’s problems, not the answer.

ADDENDUM: I inadvertently called Mr.Boehner the Majority Leader (brain freeze) and was reminded. Now corrected. Thanks to the reader who called it to my attention.

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