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What Would Obama Do In a Second Term? by The Elephant's Child

Even Obama’s supporters are asking why he doesn’t talk about his agenda for his second term. His strategy is only to attack Romney, and it isn’t really working. What are his plans? Why doesn’t he talk about what he’s going to do in another term?

The simple answer is that he firmly believes that he got it right in his first term.

The economy has been harder and the recession deeper than expected, but he has done all the right things, and his agenda for his second term is to do more of the same. Alternative energy, hiring more teachers, more government support for research to help entrepreneurs know how to start new businesses, helping returning vets to find jobs as cops and other public employees, more unemployed people acquiring needed skills at government-sponsored classes at community colleges, more kids going to college with the help of big government loans that they can’t pay back. New alternative energy businesses will provide lots of jobs. And all the money that has been going to dumb wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will be available to cut the deficit. He has told us so. We just weren’t paying attention.

Ben Bernanke is doing a new stimulus for him. The federal government has something like 50 job-training programs  administered by nine different agencies, none of which account for improved employment outcomes, but surely some more retraining programs at community colleges will do the job.

The economy may not be where we wanted it to be, but it is just because George W. Bush left us a bigger mess than anyone realized. After all, he has created 5 million new jobs.  He just needs more time. I will just re-post this devastating graph once more, because it is important.

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