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A Voice from the Future — Will it Be Our Future? by The Elephant's Child

If you need someone to explain the virtues of the American Constitution, there is no one better to turn to than a British politician.  Daniel Hannan, a self-proclaimed Jeffersonian, is a member of the  European Parliament.

He is, he says, a voice from the future.  He has represented Britain in the European Parliament for 11 years, and he has seen what the unrepresentative government of the European Union has done to the countries of Europe and to their citizens.  He has seen our future — if we continue on the path our administration advocates — and we aren’t going to like it one bit.

He points out, in a speech on the 29th to the Cato Institute, the difference between our Constitution and the EU constitution. The American Constitution has 7,200 words and is directed to the freedom of the individual and the dispersal of governmental power to the most local level. The European Union constitution, on the other hand, contains 78,000 words and is directed to adducing  all power to the European super-state.

“A U.S. without freedom,” he said “makes the world a quieter, darker place.  The hope of freedom rests upon the U.S. and its people.”  He is a wonderful speaker.  His consistent stance on anti-Europeanization and free markets and his unwavering admiration of the United States have made him deservedly popular here.

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