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The Politics of Patronage, Overwrought. by The Elephant's Child

Democrats don’t like disagreement. And they have been quick to disagree (It’s only people who disagree with them, not their disagreement that is the problem) with every assertion by every speaker, and their venom rises with the success of the speaker.

The liberal loons at MSNBC have hauled out their “code book” to identify everything with which they disagree as “racist,”  Words spoken by Republicans are actually “code,” racist words meant to do something or other that is racist.  “Welfare” is an obvious racist word, although there are more whites than blacks on welfare, “Food stamps” is another racist word. Whoever first called Barack Obama “the food-stamp” president because the numbers of people on food-stamps has climbed so dramatically, was apparently making a “racist” comment. For what purpose? To get people to notice that Barack  Obama is an African-American? Was anyone unaware of that? “Chicago” is racist, “PGA Tour” is racist. “Golf” is racist. “Work requirement” is racist. Criticism of President Obama’s policies is racist. If such “code words” are racist — what is the result supposed to be? I don’t get it.

Chris Matthews went on a lengthy rant against RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in which he actually said that President Obama” has an African name, and he’s got to live with it.” What?

Immigration over the years has brought many unfamiliar names to America. They’re interesting, sometimes unpronounceable, like — Reince Priebus. We learn to pronounce different names. Celebrities have largely quit changing their names into more “regular” Anglo-Saxon names. Middle Eastern names are newest for us, and still difficult. Chinese names put the last name first in our terms. Indonesian and Vietnamese names are sometimes hard, because unfamiliar. I’ve never had anyone be offended if I ask how to pronounce their name, and people often ask how to pronounce my name.  But racist?

The question becomes why are you so conscious of race? Is not that over-attention to supposed “code words” racist itself?  How about MSNBC carefully refusing to broadcast coverage of any ethnic minority who appeared on a Republican stage?


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