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A Glimpse Into How the Progressive Mind Works by The Elephant's Child


From David Horowitz, who knows the Left intimately:

In confronting the Left, conservatives should not make the mistake of assuming that progressives share our understanding of society’s problems, merely differing about the practical steps needed to address them. No one should think that progressives want to see our communities prosper within the framework that has defined America since its inception and provided its blessings. The nature of the progressive outlook inspires contempt for the American past and disdain for America’s social contract, which it regards as tainted by racism, sexism and imperial ambition. …

A defining characteristic of the progressive outlook is its belief in the doctrine of original innocence. The modern source of this belief is the French radical Jean-Jaques Rousseau, who maintained that private property is the cause of social evils and that “Man is born free but is everywhere in chains.” This is a doctrine so obviously false it hardly needs refutation, except that progressives believe it. What they believe is that “society” is the root cause of social problems. In their view, human beings are naturally cooperative and sharing, honest and moral, but are corrupted by social institutions that encourage prejudice and greed and set them against each other. They believe that “social justice” is the model of how human beings naturally relate to each other, that equality and cooperation reflect human nature, and that socialism is therefore the name of a truly human future.

Conservatives believe the opposite. They believe that human beings are the root cause of social problems and that social institutions are corrupt because human beings create and run them. It is the barbarity of the species that requires the intervention of a social order with the disciplines of morality and law to civilize its inhabitants. This is also what the Founders believed. It is why they did not create a pure democracy that would express the popular will, which they regarded as unruly, emotion driven, and dangerous. Instead they devised a system of checks and balances to frustrate the majority’s natural instinct to tyrannize the weak and outnumbered. And they set limits to government. …

 Because Progressives see themselves as social redeemers and their goal as saving the world, they regard politics as a religious war. This is why they are intolerant toward those who disagree with them and who stand in the way of their “solutions.” It is why they exclude conservatives from the educational institutions they control. It is why they can commit character assassinations without regrets. Obama never apologized for accusing his opponent of killing a cancer patient during the [2012] election campaign, because saving humanity means never having to say you’re sorry.

This is why Obama has given away the store in negotiations with Iran. He believes that Iran’s leaders have the same care for their families and concern for their citizens as we do, and that they would never even consider using a nuclear weapon.  He’s wrong.

If the Facts Don’t Fit, Just Change the Facts. by The Elephant's Child

The progressive, postmodern left is under the delusion that they are better people, more virtuous, less racist, more compassionate, more loving, much more fair-minded and far more tolerant than those who disagree with them politically.

They have the odd characteristic of listening only to themselves. Their knowledge of the beliefs and aspirations of the other party (the evil right-wingers) comes from what they claim we think and say, rather than risking any actual exposure to Republican thought. You will notice that they are unable to defend their ideas without ad-hominum attacks or calling names. Maxine Waters said Republicans are “Demons,” which was new and different.

Where they excel is in redefining the ideas and thought of the right. We have an excellent example right now. Conservatives are outraged at the idea that Catholics are to be required to pay for birth control and abortion-inducing drugs for their personnel and employees — in complete opposition to Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of religion.

That has been redefined by Democrats as “Republicans want to ban birth control.” Nancy Pelosi, Patty Murray and Kathleen Sebelius have gone public saying just that. I’ve already seen the ads on the internet. That it is a complete lie is no problem.

Paul Ryan’s heroic efforts to find a way to save Medicare from collapse, have been redefined as “eliminating Medicare“, and “pushing Granny over a cliff.” That this is a complete lie is no problem.

A move to prevent vote fraud by requiring voters to show picture ID, something the rest of us have to do every time we pay by check, is redefined as “disenfranchising poor black Americans.”

Small business and Chamber of Commerce complaints about excessive regulation preventing job growth are redefined as Republican attempts to “gut the regulations” that protect ordinary people.

Republican efforts to force the government to approve drilling permits and build the Keystone XL pipeline have been redefined as “Republicans’ don’t care about clean air and clean water.” Obama said that, repeatedly.

Republican support for Israel has been redefined as opposition to the “Peace Process,” and unconcern for poor Palestinian refugees.

Conservative opposition to ObamaCare has been redefined as not only opposition to better more caring medicine, but an attempt to go back to the day when people were forced into bankruptcy by evil insurance companies.

Legitimate concern about domestic terrorism (at least 45 attacks) and Islamic radicalism is redefined as Islamophobia.

Demand for safe borders and enforcing immigration law is redefined as racism and anti-Hispanic prejudice.

Conservative objections to money squandered on unworkable “clean energy” projects like Solyndra, electric cars, biofuels, electric batteries, wind farms, giant solar arrays is redefined as Luddite opposition to the demands of the 21st century and/or subservience to Big Oil.

They not only redefine the subject, they turn it into a direct personal attack on people who disagree.  In the Progressive world, they don’t tolerate disagreement.

Here is Obama’s speech at a fund-raiser this week in San Francisco. You’ve got the toughest economy, the worst financial crisis, worst economic crisis (no it’s not) since the Great Depression, redefined on the spot into an America that’s moving on the right track. The job growth of 250,000 jobs last month is redefined into a great accomplishment even though in the same month 1.2 million people quit looking for work and dropped out of the labor force.

If you have the patience for it, read the whole speech. This is dazzling footwork at creating the coming Utopia, if he can just redefine human nature, and redefine the mess he’s made, and redefine his own failures into accomplishments. Will the people buy it?


Ezra Klein Exposes Himself on MSNBC. by The Elephant's Child
December 30, 2010, 7:31 pm
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Ezra Klein seems to be a young man who blogs for the Washington Post.  He was interviewed on MSNBC. and questioned about the Republican plan to have the Constitution read at the beginning of the 112th Congress. They asked Klein because he is apparently a “wonk” and the Constitution is about “wonkery.” The Constitution, Klein says ” has no binding power on anything.”  And besides that it’s old.  It was written more than 100 years ago (more than twice that) so it’s too hard for modern people to understand.

Well, there you go.  The Progressive view exposed.  All that other old hard stuff like Shakespeare, Chaucer, Aristotle is too hard. Modern man goes for 2,700 page bills that nobody understands, but the Constitution is too hard?

Iowahawk, the funniest man on the internet, was pleased to take on Ezra Klein. He thanks Mr. Klein for his interest in the Washington Post’s Young Pundit Essay Contest.  Don’t miss it.

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