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Wow! All That’s Going On In The World, And The Democrats Are Going To Spend the Whole Night Making Speeches About Climate Change? by The Elephant's Child

A majority of Senate Democrats will today launch an overnight “talkathon” lasting until approximately 9:00 am Tuesday to — draw attention to Climate Change.

The overnight effort, organized by Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) is part of the recently launched Senate Climate Action Task Force led by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI).  In a statement, Senator Boxer said Democrats want to “wake  up Congress” to the dangers of climate change.

The goal, of course is media attention. Unfortunately, although they control the Senate, it isn’t a filibuster. There isn’t any legislation waiting for a vote, nor any timetable for any kind of action this year. They do, however have 28 senators scheduled to speak, but the party’s most vulnerable senators facing re-election are noticeably missing from the list of speakers, and perhaps from the list of attendees.

The last attempt at climate legislation was in 2010, when House Democrats narrowly approved a bill to cap carbon emissions. That particular bill was viewed as contributing to the party’s loss of control of the House. Senate Democrats never took it up.

The President has declared 2014 a “Year of Action” on Climate Change, which means that he intends to waste more taxpayer money on all things carbon. Secretary of State Kerry has proclaimed tackling climate change as “the future of our earth and of humanity. We need to elevate the environment in everything we do.” It is “our call to conscience as citizens of this fragile planet we inhabit.” He has also compared “climate deniers” to “Holocaust deniers,” and ordered American diplomats in his first department-wide policy guidance statement that “Protecting our environment and meeting the challenge of global climate change is a critical mission.  He urged “all chiefs of mission to make climate change a priority for all relevant personnel and to promote concerted action at posts and in host countries to address this problem.”

His first department-wide policy guidance statement! There has been no warming, none at all, for seventeen and a half years. I have noticed other things besides the climate heating up, and I’ll bet you have too.

Coincidentally, those other things heating up have a lot to do with climate change delusions. Europe went for  alternative energy in a big way with the result that they pay twice as much for their energy as we do, and the Germans pay three times as much. They are dependent at present on Russia for their natural gas, which makes them hesitant to take on Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine, or even to talk tough. Yet they have prior knowledge of Russian interference, and how it works. Which is why many are urging President Obama to open up our ability to export liquified natural gas to Europe to allay Russia ability to blackmail them.

I have no idea what the all-night whoop-de-do is supposed to accomplish. The environmental lobby is large and rich, and this may be to attract green money for the election later this year. They have always looked upon global warming as a path to achieve real social justice, whatever that is. Pathetic!


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