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You Won, Why Are You So Angry? by The Elephant's Child

Steven Hayward has an article in the post-election “Now What” edition of National Review,behind a subscriber firewall. He included the lede in a post at Powerline, which is worth consideration:

Conservatives are natural pessimists, based on a realism about fallible human nature that fuels our opposition to the coercive utopianism of the Left. The Founders shared this pessimism about human nature and the weakness of democracy, and kept it at the forefront of their minds as they designed our political institutions: “If men were angels,” and all that. But the conservative pessimism after the GOP’s poor showing in this election is  overdone. The Republican party and the conservative movement were said to be finished after Barry Goldwater’s landslide loss in 1964, and again in 1976, when the aftermath of Watergate and Jimmy Carter’s narrow presidential win installed Democratic supermajorities in both houses of Congress. In 1977, voters who identified with the Republican party fell to an all-time low of 21 percent.

What has surprised me is the number of angry lefties calling in to Conservative talk shows, furious that Republicans are not wallowing enough in their defeat, and not giving up and just quitting our repugnant habit of disagreeing with them.

If you start looking for it, you will find a common rage among Democrats that we have the gall to disagree with them. It’s very odd, but I suspect it is because they have no answers to our arguments, and that makes them even angrier. A “Win at All Costs” goal may get you across the finish line, but it doesn’t offer much in the good government line.


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