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The State of the Union Speech by The Elephant's Child

Oh excellent, excellent and most excellent. President Trump gave his best speech yet. Democrats were all prepared to go on and on about his lying and bragging. Not going to work. He explained his accomplishments for the country, why they needed to be done, and how they are working. He explained his hopes for the country and for the world, and asked for their help in getting it done.

I saw Nancy Pelosi all in white, but it took a while to realize that all the Democrat women were in white, symbolizing something or other. I apparently missed the explanation. I thought they were imitating Cuba’s Women in White, with their usual lack of comprehension of Communism, but I understand that they were thinking of themselves as “suffragettes” who nobody remembers and have nothing to do with white clothes as far as I can remember. I’m female, but definitely not a feminist, and find them  embarrassing. They seemed to have lot of trouble figuring out when to stand and when to sit, when to smile and when to scowl. Speaker Pelosi seemed to have big chunk of lemon in her cheek which she bit down on in the more stressful moments. (The cheering, the shouts of USA, USA!)

Chuck Schumer said that Stacey Abrams was a wonderful speaker, so I was interested but completely unfamiliar with her. I guess nobody checked on what she was going to say. Yea Unions! Boo depriving the people of their votes? Huh? Nice family stories, but utterly ill-informed about what is happening in the United States, except for Democrat propaganda. Little children in cages and all that. Seems like a nice lady. She tried to make a big deal out of the government shutdown, which was an inconvenience, but ruined no one’s life. I’m afraid that she was chosen as the first African-American woman to give the response to a State of the Union speech. Democrats think like that. The actuality of what is said isn’t that important.

Really funny to listen to the media’s comments pre-speech. Senator Schumer’s anticipatory comments were an absolute disgrace. He should be ashamed. There is really no place for that. Schumer has been in Congress since 1981. The venom of the Left knows no bounds.

Obama’s Last State of the Union Speech Begins in About Half an Hour. by The Elephant's Child


Gosh, such excitement. I’m devastated to miss the occasion. I really have to paint my nails.

Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record: The State of the Union by The Elephant's Child

I watched it so you wouldn’t have to, but Obama summarized it better himself.

What to Expect From Obama’s ‘State Of The Union’ Speech by The Elephant's Child

What will the President say tonight? The first clue is always — who will be sitting in the first lady’s box? Warren Buffett’s secretary, Debbie Bosanek, who Buffet says paid a higher tax rate than he did.  This is the keynote of Obama’s “Class Warfare” campaign theme. This is complete hooey, but is supposed to drive the response — “That’s not fair!” Much of the campaign State of the Union speech will be devoted to what’s fair and what’s not in the president’s lexicon, and how we should change the nation from a bastion of liberty — to a nation of redistribution in the name of “fairness.”

Also in the first lady’s box will be outgoing Rep. Gabby Gifford’s husband, Mark Kelly; Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ widow; and Adam Rapp, a cancer survivor that the administration claims was helped by ObamaCare. So something about administration efforts to stimulate innovation in technology, what we learned from the Tucson shooting, and something about the effectiveness of ObamaCare.

Expect a dull and divisive speech.  Will the Supreme Court attend after being insulted before the nation last year?

Will there be any mention of the fact that the White House budget will be late again this year — again missing the deadline of the first Monday in February, required by law? This will mark the third time in four years that the president has missed his statutory requirement to present a budget on time.  Heck of a way to run a government. Today will also mark the 1.000th day since Congress passed a budget. The last budget that was passed by Senate Democrats was in 2009 to set the stage for the health care bill’s passage in early 2010. Republicans sent a budget up last year, but Senate Democrats never brought it to the floor.

The Republican response to the State of the Union will be delivered by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.  Here’s a report from the Republican Governors’ Association on what can be accomplished by people with principles:


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