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The Life Of Julius: How Unions Hurt Workers by The Elephant's Child

Here’s the sequel to Obama’s “Life of Julia,” the poor soul who is utterly dependent on the government for life. Or rather, an invitation for  you to become dependent, so the wise people in government can help you until you can go to work for the government. A sad tale of the loss of individual liberty and a wasted life.

Julius is a fictional character like Julia, but his aspirations, hopes and values are shared by every American. He wants opportunity and economic security. He wants his years of hard work to mean some level of comfort in his retirement. As Iain Murray writes:

Unfortunately, labor-union bosses, and the politicians and laws they support, continually frustrate Julius’s prosperity in ways both large and small, both obvious and subtle. Labor unions have a political stranglehold on the economy in hundreds of ways that affect every single worker, whether they are union members or, like Julius, never belong to a union in their entire life. …

What we’ve tried to do with ”The Life of Julius” is to illustrate how the way unions are run today hurts workers at every stage of their working life — even if they are never a member of a labor union.

An Ugly Mob in Action. by The Elephant's Child

This was the scene when Wisconsin legislators voted to adopt Governor Scott Walker’s effort to balance the Wisconsin budget, save the taxpayers and save union jobs.  Legislators were led out of a tunnel in the capitol building and escorted to a bus commandeered by law enforcement. The mob, whipped up by demagogues was violent and threatening. Shouting obscenities, death threats and pounding on the bus windows and doors.

This is typical union action.  They achieve their aims by intimidation and threats. They rouse the mob with appeals to emotion, exaggerating, lying, and making outrageous claims.  What on earth was the hypocrite multi-millionaire Michael Moore doing there? What was Jesse Jackson doing there? Neither had the slightest legitimate interest in  the Wisconsin budget problems.  But there were cameras there, and lots of media attention. And useful idiots are easy to manipulate.

Unions were pleased with the mob scene, sure that it would appeal to the emotions of Wisconsin voters. I would think it would be an eye-opening example of just what unions are all about, and it’s not a pretty discovery.

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