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The Usual Suspects Are Back Again, Trying to “Save the Planet” by The Elephant's Child

Four Democrat senators are demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt recuse himself from repealing a 2015 Obama-era regulation that places significant burdens on fossil fuel energy providers, according to the Washington Post.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan (CPP), an add-on to the Clean Air Act, was meant to curb carbon emissions from fossil fuel fired energy plants in order to conform to the emissions targets agreed to by the United States in the Paris climate accord. President Trump announced last June  that he was pulling the U.S. out of the accord, and Pruitt and the EPA proposed repealing the CPP about three months later. Repealing the regulation could save $33 billion in compliance costs by 2030.

The Democrat senators are Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Brian Schatz of Hawaii. They claimed that since Pruitt had sued the EPA four times at attorney general of Oklahoma he would not be able to make a fair judgment.

“The evidence for Pruitt’s inalterably [sic.] closed mind on CPP rulemaking is overwhelming,” the senators wrote, according to The Hill. “It falls into three categories: (1) his deep and wide financial ties to the fossil fuel industry which is ferociously opposed to the CPP; (2) his status as a previous petitioner suing the EPA to block the CPP; and (3) his numerous statements denouncing the CPP, questioning the ability to regulate carbon emissions under the [Clean Air Act] as the CPP proposes to do, and casting doubt on climate science.”

Environmentalists and Democrats have never been able to get it through their heads that our economy runs on electricity produced by fossil fuel fueled power plants, that is coal, natural gas, and petroleum products. All the solar arrays and wind turbines that we have installed manage to produce about 4% of our energy needs — when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining on a mostly cloudless day. That’s all.

Carbon dioxide is plant food. It makes plants (including food crops and trees) grow. The planet has been greening because of the very slight rise in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, and more of the world’s people are getting enough food. Greenies like to think that CO2 is poisonous, but it is what we exhale. Nurserymen pump extra CO2 into their greenhouses to help the growth of the plants therein. You haven’t seen any stories in the news about all the dead bodies in greenhouses have you?

The Paris accords were designed to transfer money from the western nations to the poor countries of the developing world, under the guise of the global warming theme. Would have done nothing for global warming, and very little for the countries it meant to benefit. All about globalism.

The Clean Power Plan is a dumb regulation that should be repealed. It accomplishes nothing, and harms fossil fuel fired power plants for no reason at all except for pleasing environmentalists, who illogically hate fossil fuels. Drop a note to EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and tell him he’s doing a great job. I’ll bet he isn’t getting a lot of fan letters just now, though he should.

It’s Not About Justice, Not About the Law, But About Their Feelings by The Elephant's Child

ferguson-riots-burning-carIn the latest group of radicals arrested over the weekend for disturbing the peace in Ferguson, Missouri — 15 of the 16 busted did not  live in Ferguson. The fifteen were from places like New York and Chicago. Police said that in the riots of August 19 and 20, 51 protesters were arrested — 50 of them were from New York, Chicago and Des Moines. You may have noticed the pre-printed signs from groups like the ANSWER Coalition, New Black Panthers, the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Organization for Black Struggle and the Soros-linked U.S. Human Rights Network. Not exactly a spontaneous local uprising or a grass-roots response. Imported mayhem.

“Spontaneous” protests in many cities had the same pre-printed signs, and the usual suspects who always seem to turn out for the latest opportunity to shout and break windows or hopefully even burn something. They claimed to want justice, but in this country we have one kind of justice which is enumerated by our laws and Constitution and enforced by the judiciary. But they did not want that kind of justice.

They were notably uninterested in the results of the Grand Jury investigation. Three medical forensic experts, one who represented Michael Brown’s parents, examined the physical facts, which clearly refuted the whole “Hands Up−Don’t Shoot” meme. What of the perfectly innocent small businesses owners whose businesses were destroyed for no reason, no reason at all.

What is so profoundly sad is that people drawn to the excitement of a riot, may well have destroyed a community for no reason at all. In South St. Louis, on November  30, four black teens began banging on the car of 32 year-old Zemir Begic. When he got out of his car, they attacked him with hammers and beat him  till he was unconscious and left him for dead. He died shortly. A completely senseless and unbelievably brutal attack. The local Bosnian community has protested, but a search of the New York Times found no mention of his name at all.

The media seems to operate on the idea that blacks are entitled to riot, which makes for more exciting television. In 2012, blacks committed 49 percent of all murders, and 55 percent of all robberies though they are less than 13 percent of the population.

Eric Holder, in the wake of the clear evidence from the Grand Jury, has apparently realized that any attempt to charge Darrell Wilson with a civil rights violation or other charge is not going to work. The President went out of his way to affirm and emphasize “a simmering distrust that exists between too many police departments and too many communities of color.”

Let me just close by saying this:  It was a cautionary note I think from everybody here that there have been commissions before, there have been task forces, there have been conversations, and nothing happens.  What I try to describe to people is why this time will be different.  And part of the reason this time will be different is because the President of the United States is deeply invested in making sure this time is different.  When I hear the young people around this table talk about their experiences, it violates my belief in what America can be to hear young people feeling marginalized and distrustful, even after they’ve done everything right.  That’s not who we are. And I don’t think that’s who the overwhelming majority of Americans want us to be.

All about feelings.



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