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Americans Don’t Hate the Rich — They’d Rather Get Rich. by The Elephant's Child

It is startling to discover how much the Left hates “the rich.” The statement President Obama released from the White House on Monday lashed out at “the wealthiest Americans” three times, and “the wealthiest 2% of Americans,” “tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires,” “wealthy people”and “the wealthiest estates.”  And that was the President of the United States! “On the Republican side, this is their Holy Grail — tax cuts for the Wealthy.”

That wasn’t nearly enough for the angry Left who felt an enormous sense of betrayal.  What was important was not getting the economy on the right track, not creating jobs, not even continuing unemployment payments for those whose time on unemployment was running out.  The President was supposed to raise taxes on the rich, hurt them , take their money away, preferably all of it!

The toadys in the leftist media continued to claim that everyone was getting a tax cut, although taxes remain right where they were last year. Republicans fought to see that no one got a tax increase.  The Democrats wanted to raise taxes, and were quite willing to raise everyone’s taxes ( as much as $3,000 for the middle class) if only it would “break the back” of the wealthy.  I don’t get it!

The National Association of Manufacturers says that 70 percent of manufacturing concerns in the U.S. have owners whose business is taxed at the individual rate.  These are the people who are supposed to lead the country out of the recession by committing capital to new hires and new equipment.

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