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There is Never Enough to Satisfy a Liberal! by The Elephant's Child

The public’s approval rate for Congress is a dismal 10%. People think Congress should be getting along and striving to do what’s right for the country, specifically fixing the economy and creating jobs. That is why President Obama’s endless speeches this week have emphasized creating jobs and growing the economy from the middle class out.

The economy, Democrats believe, is in recession because of a lack of demand. People aren’t buying enough stuff. To help the economy recover, they must stimulate it by pumping money in — doesn’t matter where or how. There is a multiplier effect as dollars pass around from hand to hand. That’s the theory behind the stimulus, and the recovery act, and the spending on clean green energy. The stimulus failed to get us out of the recession because it wasn’t big enough. There is never, never enough.

October, 2012, President Obama made his case for reelection  saying “I stopped a Second Great Depression.” “My policies are working.” “A slow recovery was inevitable.” He’s rephrased it now, but he’s still quite sure that he is doing all the right things. He just needs us to believe.

There is never enough. There is never enough government, because the next agency, the next bureau, the next commission will fix things. The next big investment in infrastructure, in health care, in new ports for supertankers, in a new solar array, a new wind farm, the next regulation will fix things. They just need more money to spend.

When they institute the new bill of rights, the one that guarantees a good job at a good wage for a day’s hard work, a good education that allows them to compete in a global economy, a home of their own, affordable health care that’s there when they need it, and a secure retirement. Never enough.

But the good job? We have over 20 million people who are unemployed. The schools have been growing worse steadily. The government offers a national curriculum called “Common Core” which is being rejected by school districts and parents. Infrastructure — back to the crumbling roads and bridges. A vast battle to stop the nonexistent carbon pollution that is causing the nonexistent global warming that hasn’t warmed at all in this century.

But why hasn’t the economy recovered? Why aren’t there any jobs? Business does not hire because of the skyrocketing cost of ObamaCare. Because of soaring energy costs. Because of increased and unnecessary regulation. Because of government interference in business. Because they can’t find well-educated job applicants.

Never enough. Never enough taxpayer money. Never enough regulation, Never enough entitlements to give to the people. And they have no understanding of why the recession has not ended yet.

But you see, it’s just a kneejerk habit of the Republicans. If Obama is for it, they’ve got to be against it. He knows Republicans who are deeply concerned about the effects o the sequester, and say it doesn’t make sense to cut discretionary spending more. Never enough.

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