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Now It Is Three Caravans, One is 12,000 People, All Looking to Invade. by The Elephant's Child

The newest migrant caravan that formed on January 15 in Honduras, has reportedly grown to more than 12,000 people, according to Mexican claims. And that is supposedly only one of the three that are being tracked. Some members say they intend to pursue refugee status in Mexico.  When it started it was supposed to be about 2,000, and has swelled since then. The towns they pass through drum up trucks or buses to keep them continuing on out of their town. Nobody wants 12,000 migrants camped out in their town.

They’re reportedly headed toward Piedras Negras,  a Mexican border town across the Rio Grande from Eagle Pass, Texas. Mexico is giving them humanitarian visas to prevent them traveling unaccounted for through Mexico, and enable them to get temporary work. Many are expected to attempt to cross illegally into the United States. President Trump has sent the military back to the border to prevent that incursion. They are expected to arrive at the Texas border on Monday or Tuesday.

They are being encouraged by sponsors in Honduras, and perhaps in the U.S. But just who the sponsors who are giving them unrealistic hopes about getting into the U.S. and finding employment is unclear. As is exactly what they are being told. Just what is so wrong with Honduras is not clear either, that so many want to leave.

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Some Facts About Immigration, Legal and Illegal, and The Numbers by The Elephant's Child

Jessica Vaughn from the Center for Immigration Studies ( discusses the “caravan” on the Neil Cavuto Show, and tries to get across some of the immense problems involved.

CIS identifies themselves as being pro-legal immigrants, and anti-illegals. It’s a good site for learning about what’s going on with immigration and what the problems we face are. Careful research by authorities.

President Obama spiked legal and illegal immigration to a record level of 1.75 million in 2017—by accepting one migrant for every two young Americans who entered the workforce in 2017. That huge inflow matched the record set by Bill Clinton in 1999. Obama’s wave of legal immigrants, illegal migrants and visa workers rose from 1.1 million in 2009 to 1.75 million in 2017.

That same year roughly four million Americans turned 18 and entered the workforce. That four million included the children of immigrants as well as the children of illegal migrants. Many of Obama’s migrants went home when their work visas ended or when they were deported, but the total inflow added more than 5.2 million migrants to the US population from 2010 to 2017, according to federal data prepared by the Center for Immigration Studies.

The inflow included 1.1 million Asians, 1.1 million Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, 680,000 people from the Caribbean, and 480,000 people from South America. From 2010 to 2017 Obama also imported 680,000 people from Muslim-majority nations, even though Islamic theology urges believers to attack Americans. That inflow enlarged the Islamic population of the United States by 31 percent, CIS says.

The inflow includes many temporary workers. This keeps roughly 1.5 million white-collar, multi-year, visa-workers in U.S. jobs formerly held by graduates of American universities.  President Donald Trump has blocked business pressure for expansion of the H-2B visa-worker program and directed the H4 EAD visa-worker program be ended.

Obama’s inflow also helped elect Donald Trump.

The 2014 border crisis was triggered by Obama’s encouragement of Central American illegal migration. The crisis wrecked bipartisan plans to push an amnesty through Congress.

Obama’s pro-migration policies helped stagnate Americans’ wages in a depressed economy while providing windfall gains to the real-estate owners, retails, and investors who gained from the extra workers and consumers.

President Trump’s pro-American stance has resulted in employers hiring more Americans at higher wages, with the highest wage-gains going to those Americans hit hardest by Obama’s surge. Newly released data show 2016 tied with 1999 as the highest single year of immigration in U.S. history with the arrival of 1.75 million new immigrants, both legal and illegal.We are seeing what is happening to Europe with the massive flow of illegal migrants and the crime brought by them.
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