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The Morning After a Tidal Wave: by The Elephant's Child

What a wonderful tidal wave!  Or call it “The Surge.” Yet like many, I probably had my hopes a little too high.  I really thought that Sharon Angle could defeat Harry Reid, but I will have to be consoled with Chuck Schumer’s disappointment.  I was hoping that Sean Bielat could take down Barney Frank, an eventuality much to be desired.

I was hoping for some progress in California, but they apparently prefer to continue their slide into the abyss.  And Washington being Washington, we will have to wait and wait for the final count on the Murray/Rossi race.  Washington is a very blue state: King County vs. the rest of the state.

Lots of exciting outcomes.  Marco Rubio is a new Senator and an impressive one.  The execrable Alan Grayson is history.  The Republican takeover of the House of Representatives is huge, a gain of 60 seats with 11 still to be decided,  and a rebuke to Obama, Pelosi and Reid.  Five more governors with 4 yet to be decided,  and a stunning sweep of state legislatures.

Everybody is full of advice for he new Congress, yet we still have to do with the old difficult one.  The lame duck session should be interesting.

President Obama clearly doesn’t get it.  With a depressed, deer-in-the-headlights attitude, he argued that the problem was really the economy he inherited — we were voting against Bush? — and we are really angry that his agenda just isn’t progressing fast enough.  He is talking down to us again, and he seems hurt that we don’t appreciate him enough.  He wants to push ahead with his agenda, only faster.

So he’s off to India with an entourage reminiscent of all the opulence of a Rajah in the olden days. Two hundred million dollars a day, is the estimate.  He really, really doesn’t get it.


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