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Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment. by The Elephant's Child
January 14, 2021, 12:40 am
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John Hinderaker of Powerline summed it up the best: “Not the most evil political act of my lifetime…but perhaps the dumbest. Impeachment, that is. It is fitting in a weird way, that the Democrats talked about impeaching President Trump before he was inaugurated, and now have actually impeached him for the second time when he is about to leave office. and the impeachment can have no practical effect. Neither in 2016 nor today did impeachment relate to anything other than the irrational, visceral hatred that Democrats have for Donald Trump. “

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this fact is obvious to all. They think they are riding high, but I don’t think events will play out as they expect. To begin with, impeachment is unpopular, (he cites some numbers)

60% of all voters said it is “another waste of time and money”
23% prefer impeaching President Trump.
77% percent said Congress should work on the coronavirus response instead.
74% said impeachment is “politically motivated to prevent the president from running again.”
65% said Biden and Pelosi are “keeping the country divided.”

For the last four years the Democratic Party has defined itself by its crazed hatred for Donald Trump. They can’t pass up this last opportunity. The ten Republicans who pointlessly voted for impeachment deserve to be booted in the 2022 primaries.

Back at the site of the Capitol Building, timelines prove that President Trump could not have urged the riots when they claimed he did. The riots started before he said anything. Interestingly, some of the planning for the riots apparently took place on Twitter. Twitter’s stock suffered a debacle after their involvement in banning the President of the United States from Twitter permanently. Public opinion would not seem to be with them.

I expect that some legal restraints will eventually rein-in the partisanship of Big Tech. They do not come out of this well, and the American people are very protective of their Constitutional right to freedom of speech. Let’s add that they don’t think much of the “fact-checkers” either. They don’t seem to know enough for their glorified roles.

An Historic Timeline: Leaving Out Quite a Bit by The Elephant's Child


I am fond of making timelines for my own information, to help me understand the order in which things happened, which it turns out, matters. Here’s one:

The Norman Invasion, Battle of Hastings 1066 : “William the Conqueror”
Magna Charta 1215
Black Death 1348-1350
The Renaissance 1350-1600
Hundred Years War  1337-1453 (France: Crecy, Portiers, Joan d’Arc)
War of the Roses  1455-1485  Lancaster v. York
First Watch invented  1502
Martin Luther 1517, Calvin 1532, John Knox 1541, – The Reformation
Spanish Conquest 1519-1535
Henry VIII 1534  Breaks Away from the Catholic Church
First Western Entry to Japan  1542
The Armada  1588
Elizabeth I Dies  1602
The English Civil War 1642-1660 Roundheads v. Cavaliers, Cromwell
American Revolution 1776-1781 (Yorktown)
Washington’s Farewell  1783
Napolean Bonaparte coup -proclaimed emperor 1799
Napoleonic Wars 1804-1815
Waterloo 1815
Crimean War 1853
Darwin Origin of Species  1859
American Civil War  1861 – 1865
Canada becomes Dominion  1867
Boer War 1899 – 1902
Russian Revolution  1903 – 1917
Irish Potato Famine  1846
Irish Free State (Dominion Status) 1922

………………………..Little Ice Age circa 1450 – 1850

……………Yes, It’s an odd quirk, and I obviously left out quite a bit.

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