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An Attack on Times Square? Quick, Cut NY Security Funds! by The Elephant's Child

Let’s see, we just had an attempt — fortunately botched — to blow up an unknown number of people in Times Square by an Islamic radical.  The response from the White House has been to play it down, sniff at the bumbling, attempt to modify our language in the fear that someone would say something that offends someone, and to wonder if we should change the Miranda warning rules instead of changing who we apply them to, and insisting that there’s no reason not to try KSM in New York.  All very strange.

The administration is funding anything and everything,  as is demonstrated by figures on the deficit, the national debt and the budget about which no one is willing to speak.  So where are they suddenly becoming tightwads?

In 2005, New York received almost 41 percent of homeland security funds.  Obama dropped it to 30 percent and now they are cutting it further.

This is the second attempted attack on New York in recent months.  In September, the FBI disrupted an attack on the New York subway system.  New York is the nation’s financial and cultural capital, and as such, a prime target.  On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, al Qaeda attempted to blow up seven planes headed for America as they crossed the Atlantic.  They are big on anniversaries — will they have something special planned for the tenth anniversary? New York probably needs more money, not less.

We aren’t doing much about capturing terrorists and interrogating them so we can try to stop attacks before they happen, either.  You can’t do that and pretend there is no such thing as Islamic radicals.

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