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Obama Receives Award for “Transparency” in Secret Meeting! by The Elephant's Child

President Barack Obama received a “Transparency Award” from the organizers of the Freedom of Information Day Conference in a secret meeting at the White House on Monday. The award, scheduled to be presented at the White House by “five transparency advocates” a couple of weeks ago, was postponed  because of events in North Africa and Japan, and rescheduled for March 30.

The award was presented to the President—behind closed doors.  The press was not invited and no photos from or transcript of the meeting have been made available.The event was not listed on the president’s schedule. That was the same day when he went on TV to tell us why he had transparently decided to start bombing another country a couple of weeks previously without bothering to tell Congress.

The award is not mentioned on the page on the White House website  that is devoted to transparency and good government.  The only evidence that the award took place was from the testimony of the transparency advocates who delivered the award.  They didn’t know, though, that the White House has neglected to tell anyone about the transparency meeting.

Kevin Underhill, a San Francisco lawyer who blogs about the funny side of the law, had a very funny post at Forbes Magazine.  Gary Bass, who was allegedly part of the alleged meeting  said:

“It’s almost a theater of the absurd to have an award on transparency that isn’t transparent. The irony is  that everything the President said [about transparency] was spot-on. I wish people had heard what he had to say.”

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