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Happy Thanksgiving to You All! by The Elephant's Child

We had snow on Monday,  a little early for the Seattle area.  Not much, probably not even an inch.  Not enough to be pretty, just enough to create chaos on the streets. Everybody (almost) in the Seattle area lives on a hill.  Snow here is treacherous.  It turns instantly to ice.  Seattleites buy SUVs because of the snow, then, because they have an SUV, they drive way too fast and cause all sorts of problems for everyone.

I grew up with lots of snow.  We always had plenty by Thanksgiving, and varied amounts up to 5 feet lasting until close to Easter.  Winter was largely devoted to coping with snow.  Our county road was sparsely populated, and therefore the last to be plowed, if then.  So we plowed it ourselves.  I can remember walking ahead of the car in a snowstorm to show where the edge of the road was, fairly regularly.  Been snowed in by a slide down the road a ways, but for the most part although the weather kept us busy, we had the equipment to cope with it.

Theoretically, it was supposed to rain yesterday and today, washing away all the snow and ice.  Didn’t happen.  Temperatures have stayed below freezing.  The city sanding truck came by sometime around 4:00 this morning. I can leave my house in five different directions, each involves a hill.

A few years back, I left work a little early when it was snowing hard.  I headed for the hill that seemed the least steep, got a good run at it and almost made it to the top, but could not.  Backed down to take another run, and here came a school bus over the top of the hill sliding sideways down the hill.  I backed to the curb as far away as I could get, but the bus came right for me, made a graceful curve and hit the car on the other side of the street.  The bus was nearly empty, but there was one small boy in a seat near the back, with eyes the size of saucers.

I hope none of you have to fly for Thanksgiving, or if you do that your encounter with airport screening is brief and courteous.  I hope that you are surrounded with friends and family, a table laden with all the traditional fare, and that whatever game you watch — your team wins.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.


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